Starting out… again

Welcome!  Come in, make yourself at home :).

This blog is a collection of thoughts and/or photos about the many wonderful things that have captured my interest as well as a space where I can express my creativity and develop my writing skills and style PLUS a place where I can experiment with the art of story-telling.  I’ve been blogging for the last 2-3 years but having made a mess of my last two blogs, so I’m hoping the third time will be the charm :).

Why do I love blogging?

Joyce from MEL: HOT OR NOT sums it up well:

I often get asked why I blog, when it takes so much time and doesn’t pay. Well, much in the same way people join touch footy teams or play Scrabble, with no thought of becoming a professional sportsperson or a board game champion, it brings me pleasure and is immensely rewarding. As a lawyer, I do a different sort of writing for a living and blogging allows me to exercise a more creative style of writing. Through the blog I have corresponded with many readers and befriended members of Melbourne’s blogging community – it’s fun to meet people who I otherwise wouldn’t encounter in my everyday life. The blog encourages me to seek out new places and things as I search for new content and as the blog’s profile has grown, it’s given me access to opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

– taken from Melbourne Magazine post

I’m not a lawyer (yet) but the sentiments remain the same.

Things you should note:

First, though I am an avid food blog follower and a lot of my stories revolve around food, this is not a pure bred food blog- there are already many people out there doing an amazing job of it.

Secondly, any views I express here are simply my opinions and nothing else.  These are just my take on the things I’ve seen, tasted or experienced.

Thirdly, relating to point 2, my faith in God is central to who I am so I am unapologetic if that filters through into my blog posts.

Fourthly, I’m from Generation Y and hence, have grown accustomed to using emoticons such as :), ;), :P, :D etc. and will continue using them sparsely in blog posts (because I can’t in legal writing!) until I grow out of it.

Finally, I take blogging very VERY seriously (well, maybe not that seriously…) and really appreciate feedback so if you’ve liked something I’ve written, click the ‘Like’ button or leave a comment on the way out (you don’t have to be a WordPress user to do so).  Thank you!

Hope you’ll join me on this journey and let’s see what happens :).

♥ Ames