teaching blood

I can officially say, 1 down and 2 more to go now :D.

I learnt a number of valuable lessons yesterday after only 3 hours of sleep (or maybe because of only 3 hours of sleep):

  1. 1L Milk costs $2.60 at the local milk bar
  2. A bit of preparation really does make all the difference when it comes to teaching (I know – revelation of the century right?)
  3. How to stay calm in high pressure situations
  4. Always leave a Yellow Pages in your garage
  5. Never leave the house without your phone or driver’s license
  6. Somehow my parents always seem to end up being right (it’s a reality I can’t deny anymore!)
  7. It costs $125 to….

That last one shall be elaborated at a later date.  All I’ll say is that I really need to work on being less careless (i.e. more careful) and less absent-minded (i.e. think through things before actually doing them… this has been my greatest character flaw to date).  In other news, my lil five-year old student brought along her lil THREE year old brother who was sooooooooo cute!  He was quietly colouring a Bob The Builder page in his mother’s arms during the lesson and he gave it to me at the end… your cue: ‘AWWWWWWW’. Such a darling!

It just occurred to me that I actually do come from a family of teachers.  My grandparents (on my mother’s side) were actually principals of a school in Vietnam back in the day and my aunties and my uncles (and my mother as well) all had tutoring jobs before they left the country.  Now in Australia, my uncle runs a music school in Sydney, my cousin’s wife (not exactly blood relative but family enough) teaches Grade 2 at my old primary school, my cousin teaches bass guitar on the side of his day job and my cousin in Chicago is a music teacher too.  So I guess, if this law thing doesn’t work out, I know what I have as back up :P.

Bonus news: I entered my first ever online blog competition… hope I’ll be inspired to brush up on my french if I win ;).

Now, back to study.


♥ Ames

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