Google it!


enPR: go͞o’gəl

Noun: An internet search, such as that which is performed on the Google search engine.

  • third-person singular simple present: googles 
  • present participle: googling 
  • simple past and past participle: googled

– Wikitionary

Have you ever tried googling your name and seeing what comes up? I remember listening to one of the many lunchtime seminars that we had about upcoming clerkships/interview preparations and the rep said that googling your name will be one of the first things that future employers do when they receive your application… that’s an uncomfortable thought.  All scary-stalkerish ideas aside, it is interesting to see what kind of online footprint you’ve been leaving all over the interwebs.

The first 7 hits to my name were:

  1. The girl who stole my email address (not really, I just would have maybe liked that one),
  2. My twitter account – that’s ok, I’m keeping that on private
  3. My name on an outdated website that lists me winning 2nd place for an Under 14 yo flute comp lols
  4. A Facebook group that says that another Amy should make a Facebook account~
  5. Another Amy in Anaheim, CA (no idea where that is…)
  6. 2 people with my name in the US White Pages… boring (this was actually 7th but I wanted to save the best for last)
  7. A post that a friend wrote for my 21st birthday :).

Another friend made via the blog waves of whom I’m so glad to have ‘met’.

I had a squizz around to see what came out with the blog name:

And a song I actually quite like… (click below)

Oh I feel the sunshine in my mind, I feel the sunshine in my mind….

♥ Ames

3 thoughts on “Google it!

    1. Haha yeah, it’s a fun little exercise :). I got a bit carried away and started googling the name of some friends as well… now that’s a bit stalkerish hehe

  1. 1. My Facebook
    2. My Facebook
    3. YouTube: A performer with my name
    4. Aforementioned performer’s MySpace
    5. Another random’s MySpace
    6. My Twitter
    7. My Movember account
    8. Performer’s profile

    That WAS fun :)

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