Happy First Day of June!

Apologies to subscribers who got the first draft of this with a few grammar errors… I clicked ‘Publish’ before I did a proper spell check ^^’.

It’s really amazing how fast 2011 has gone already and I know that once we hit July, it’ll somehow speed up even more toward the finish line of yet another year…

June also means we’re at my least favourite season of the year: Winter.  As the blog title suggests, I love the sunshine and Winter just doesn’t seem to share the same sentiments.  I checked the thermostat when I woke up this morning and it was only 11 degrees!!! Needless to say that I threw on the ol’ high school track jacket and covered my lower half with a snuggie :).  Apparently, it has been one of the coldest Mays that we’ve had in a long time in Victoria so I guess it’s time to go shopping for a snug winter coat… after exams :D.

I was typing in glittens (fingerless glove with a retractable mittens- a gift from my BFF for my b’day this year ^^) last night because the nip in the air was just freezing them up:

Obviously I had to use one hand to hold the camera phone haha.

Speaking of camera phones and Autumn and sunshine, I found a few photos on my phone that I took a few weeks back:

Lincoln Square near the law school
Favourite thing about Autumn: all the changing colours :)
Caught a bit of sunshine on the way home from a morning run... do you see the droplets?

Have a great day everyone! Hope yours will be more productive than mine has been already…

♥ Ames

Comments are like waking up to sunshine... positively lovely :). You know what to do!

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