4 thoughts on “Lord Millet in Twinsectra:

  1. I would suggest that as mere humans (Sherlock Holmes wasn’t one, after all) we fail to account for too much that is around us to be certain that we do indeed have a grasp of “whatever remains”.

    But I do love that quote :).

    I’ve started reading Sherlock Holmes in the last few months, and it’s lots of fun- especially the language differences. Lots of “ejaculating” and “molesting” (exclaiming and bothering). Good times.

    1. I agree with the first bit but do not condone the last comment. *rolls eyes*

      The quote was simply to highlight the fact that you can find gems while reading case law and to show that I have been studying despite what this blog may suggest haha.

      FYI, Lord Millet was an English judge who used that literary reference just before his final conclusions in a resulting trusts case :).

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