C’est Fini!







*big satisfied sigh*

I have to say it ended on a bit of a low note since I wasn’t really satisfied with how I performed in the last paper… ran out of time and knew that I had skipped over a few crucial points that probably have costed me a number of marks…. *sigh* and I was really hoping to bump up my average… *double sigh* I couldn’t help but feel a bit deflated because the discussion of exam answers afterwards only highlighted the fact that I should be praying just to pass this one >.<  As a general rule, I tend to avoid post-exam-answer-discussion but I was lunching with a pair of superstar law students and it could not be prevented… *apathetic sigh*  I’m not one to cry (for too long) over spilt milk (well, I’ve never spilt milk before – touch wood – but my attitude to most unfortunate events is ‘it’s done, there’s nothing we can do to change it, so let’s just move on- NEXT’) so…. let’s just move on to the lovely lunch that helped keep my mind off things :P

Superstar law student 1 suggested Hotel Lincoln and given that Superstar law student 2 and I had not gone before, the decision was made.  Hotel Lincoln has three dining options: pub counter style, restaurant style or fine dining… being not too fussy, we found a place near the bar and perused their Winter front bar menu.  Superstar law student 1 being more familiar with the menu put through the orders (these were taken on my iPhone so please excuse the bad quality):

First off was the Charcuterie Plate ($26.00) which featured choritzo, apple salad, salami (or something like it), cornichons (pickled cucumbers), chicken liver parfait, prosciutto, duck rilette and prunes (cut out of this shot).  Loved it :).  I think it was my first time having a tasting plate like this and I have to say that I enjoyed having the chance to try the assorted range.  It was probably a tried and tested plate so everything balanced each other out very well.  This was accompanied with some bread crisps.

On recommendation by the bartender, our second dish was a side from their a la carte menu: roasted pumpkin, feta and pistachio ($9.00).

It was a bit on the salty side, but with some of the bread crisps, it complimented the charcuterie plate well.  We had some hand cut chips too ($9.00) along with glasses of red for the superstar law students and I downed a lemon, lime and bitters :).

Simply lovely.

I think it has taken some grocery shopping, dinner with the fam, two episodes of MasterChef (I taped last night’s- NIGELLA!!!) and a blog post to finally have it sink in… I’M ON HOLIDAYS!!

*happy dance*

♥ Ames

7 thoughts on “C’est Fini!

  1. Is this typical Australian food? It all sounds so chic and gourmet!! In America, we just call pickled cucumbers pickles. Yummmm.

    Happy Holidays!!!! Have a blast.

    1. Hehe, I was just reading off their online menu- I’d say it’s a bit more on the fancy end of pub food… typical Aussie food might be a good old steak or meat pie :P.

      Thank you! I’m looking forward to it :).

  2. So extremely jealous & you’ve also managed to make me hungry ! Looks very schmancy ^^ I’m looking forward to catching up after exams :-D

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