Spoils from VN

So there was a question or two left unanswered around these parts… First, what costs $125? Unlocking a door apparently lols.  And how many bags of coffee would you bring back from an overseas trip?  That was a bit of a redundant question since I kinda gave you the answer with that photo haha so as you can see there were 12 bags:

This also reveals the fact that the parentals went to VN recently, specifically during the period when this blog was birthed (and why carelessly slamming a door closed without the key costed me $125)!  So now perhaps you can forgive me for the incessant posting that happened that week- I was terribly deprived of conversation and human contact, saved only by a few occasions including when my Aunty came and stayed for a night and my cousin came to visit.  I didn’t realise my cousin was such a foodie as well, as he spent a good half of his visit detailing the restaurants he frequented on his business trip to Sydney and gave me a list of places (he even drew me a map!) I just HAD to go to when we go in July :P.  Anyhow, besides the coffee, my parents brought back a few items I’m sure no one else would have brought back from VN:

…? Jelly moulds!  My mum was fascinated by the shapes of the Asian jellies (they are much firmer than Western ‘Aeroplane Jelly’) that one of the ladies at my church made so she asked where she got the moulds…hence, 5 moulds to make 40 jellies in one go :D.

Hehe, cute right? I was a bit surprised by these but an understandable purchase since they are so cheap over there and the parentals have been meaning to have something for guests to wear around our nearly-all carpeted residence.  On the way back, they stopped by Singapore and bought this…

What could be inside the bag??? :-O *fangirl squeal*

Find out in the next post or have a guess (it’s not that hard haha!)…

♥ Ames

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