snaps along a street in St Kilda

Melbourne weather got the better of me on the weekend.  The sun was up and shining, the sky was clear and blue… surely running 5 kms in a t-shirt and shorts would come to no harm…?


Coughing, Sneezing, Head-aching… now’s not a good time to be sick, body!

Sorry for the lack of posts around here… The winter subject has been cutting into my blogging habits and social life *sigh*

Perhaps I can distract you with a few photos I took when I attended that photography class around St Kilda a few weeks back (no post-production except the watermark):

♥ Ames

*edit to the original title because ‘strip’ just didn’t seem to sit right in my mind lol.

4 thoughts on “snaps along a street in St Kilda

  1. Ugh i’m sorry you’re sick! I wish it was winter here. Its too freaking hot. I miss running outside. I can’t even do it early cuz its 85 degrees by 6 am.
    pictures are super gorgeous! Feel better :)

    1. I do have to agree that it is a lot easier to run in the cold than in the heat… at the very least, the sweat evaporates a lot faster in winter :P.

      Thanks, Amy :). Hoping that lots of Vit C and sleep will help shake it off…

    1. Cheers, Ms I-Hua! I haven’t thought about it much before but I guess what people take photos of also may reveal a bit about what captures their interest…?

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