notice of sabbatical

Hello little blog (and anyone who reads you)!

I’m finally, definitely, positively, absolutely freeeeeeeeee!  That take-home exam was a drainer but lots happened before, during and after including:

  • running my first 6km session!
  • finding out that I won my first blog competition!!!
  • getting a long overdue email from JV :D
  • celebrating at Grigon & Orr 
  • getting a haircut (see here)!
  • buying a winter jacket…and a book… and a dress…
  • visiting my cousin’s lil boy who’s in hospital (if you are of the praying kind, prayers would be much appreciated for his speedy recovery from a virus)
I would go into more detail but having done an all-nighter last night, it is time for me to catch up on some sleep before heading off for a much-needed sabbatical in a few hours… have a great week, blogging friends and buddies!  Sorry I haven’t been around these joints or visited your blog homes for a while… I’ll make it up to y’all soon!
♥ Ames

2 thoughts on “notice of sabbatical

    1. Thanks Lor! Sorry I haven’t been around your side of the blog-o-sphere lately… been crazily busy and I always want to give my full concentration when I visit Late to the Party :). Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be wandering around over to your end soon ;).


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