so what’s been happening?

Boo!  I’m backkkkk… did you miss me? :P

Well actually, I’ve been back for the last five days but though I was aching to get back into blogging, this week has turned out to be a time to catch-up… I discovered I’m a bit of a control-freak (at times).  When I start to fall behind in things, I can get agitated and panicky… so since rectifying it, I’ve felt the pressure ease off and thought I’d treat myself to a bit of blogging happiness over here hehe… clearly, this is not a healthy dependence (and hopefully you know I’m joking…about the dependence on blogging part as I can survive without blogging just fine…now I sound like I’m in denial… and there is way too much self-talk in these brackets so let’s stop here). 

So what’s been happening since you’ve been away from this blog, Ames?

Blogging elsewhere, of course :P.  Haha, though in all seriousness, please do check out my fundraising blog and if you would be able to donate to the cause that I am running TEN KILOMETRES for (100% of donations will go to The A21 Campaign – they work towards abolishing the injustice of human trafficking/slavery in the 21st century) I’d be ever so grateful for your support!  Also, I’ve since revamped my old blog and decided to open it up to new audiences again… the content shows a different side to me (I call it the ‘Acoustic version of Ames’) but I hope you’ll still enjoy browsing it (I love the new layout!).

What else… so started full-time (unpaid) work again (reminds me of how much I will make the most of my student lifestyle while I can).   It has been tiring but my supervisor has been AWESOME and given me the freedom to do research related to my internship paper pretty much every day, PtL!  I feel very blessed to have such a good working relationship with her (she has nicknamed me ‘bugalugs’ – Urban Dictionary it) and the environment is so friendly, flexible and we have some fun as well which makes time go relatively quickly.  I’ve also lined up lunch dates for pretty much the next five working days so that’s made me happy :D.

Edited a dear friend’s 21st birthday photos, bought one textbook, hoping to pick up the rest and reading material in the next few days… finally mustered up the motivation to fix up my CV and got organised for next term’s piano teaching. 

Now that I’ve relayed most of what has happened to lead me to finally make time to blog, I will need to go to sleep… hoping to squeeze a run before work tomorrow morning!  :D

Maybe you can tell me what you’ve been up to in the last 5 days!

(my first attempt at actively asking for blog audience participation- success or fail?)


♥ Ames

4 thoughts on “so what’s been happening?

  1. I did miss you :).

    I’ve been writing essays, going to the dentist, writing essays, playing video games, writing essays, fixing my bike, writing essays, playing with kittens, writing essays and welcoming My Love back from her time in Hawai’i. SUPER jealous.

    Also, I’ve been preparing for my next placement at a posh private school.

    Glad to hear work’s fun, Bugaglugs. :)

  2. TWO BLOGS NOW? I can’t say much, though, because I’m pretty sure I have like a thousandty blogs now. Blogging sure does seem to be in our blood, huh? :)


    1. lol, or just a bad habit we can’t shake (or don’t want to shake)! I have a difficult time of letting go of things (or people) that are precious to me and that blog was pretty special but also really messed up for a while, so it has been cleaned up and back on track now :). xoxo

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