Review: Auction Rooms

This has been in the works for a very, very, very long time. But the glorious sunshine today reminded me of this so I thought it was time that this draft evolved into a post so… here it goes!

Note: This visit was made a few months ago so I’m mostly working off the impression that I’ve been left with since then.

I finally made it to Auction Rooms. It’s been on my wishlist for a long while – ever since a Perthie went there during her whirlwind Melb trip and I vowed I would have to go there one day. And 6 months later, after getting unnecessarily lost walking from Swanston St to Errol St with the BFF, we found ourselves seated and eager to see what was on offer.

Though being known for it’s coffee, the afternoon warmth had taken the curiosity out of me so I stuck with water whilst the BFF went for a refreshing apple juice (which you can just see in the right top corner). Btw, I should just mention that this was the first time I’d taken my new DSLR for a spin so I was still getting used to manual focus and all the other things you need to think about when you aren’t using a point-and-shoot.

Following a peruse of the menu, we placed our orders and caught up what had been going on in our lives as girlfriends do :). The food came swiftly (or maybe we were just so engrossed in our conversation that time just flew)…

I love how breakfast is served until 2pm and evidently the BFF did too since she happily order French Toast (again, apologies for out-of-focusness!). I remember her saying it was a bit sweeter than expected, but was a good food experience (her first time of Cafe-style French Toast).

Now I can’t remember the name of what I had but hopefully the photo can help you work out what it was:

Looks like it was a poached egg, salmon, green salad and a fritter of some sort underneath it all. I remember the taste of everything being well balance and the egg being poached just right… lol, sorry for not being very descriptive – as much as I love my food, all I can really remember was a lovely warm, Winter day with awesome company in a quaint cafe that I look forward to visiting again… you should go too!

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♥ Ames

5 thoughts on “Review: Auction Rooms

    1. Indeed, it’s criminal! I’m glad I’ve found (well, you found me!) a likeminded individual in this respect :). Thanks for visiting!

  1. Omg wow… Auction Rooms has 911 votes? UNREAL… And cool, so awesome that you got a table!! Went there the other day and couldn’t get a seat, was pouring that day too so went to The Premises instead haha. Love the look of that French Toast. One of my fav dishes to order in cafes. YUM! Looking forward to reading more of your eating trips haha… GONG XI FA CHAI again! =)

    1. You definitely need to go and try your luck again, it’s worth the wait! I haven’t heard of The Premises so I better go google that and then put it on the Wishlist hehe

      Ah, you’ve reminded me of another memorable trip that I need to blog about at some point… love your latest post! So much chocolate-y goodness :D. Now the next greetings in order is: Happy Australia Day!

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