writing changes

[note: hand in the photo featured with this post is not that of the post’s author]

Hmmm, maybe my running days are over.  I’ve got this sharp pain in my right foot that I suspect may have been from some bad running technique (or maybe just the fact that I was a bit naughty and walked in thongs [flip-flops for my American friends] all of Wednesday).  Maybe I should just go back to gyming :S.

As I was lying in bed last night, unable to sleep because of the pain, my mind wandered over to how the way I write has changed over the years (how I started thinking about this at 2am in the morning beats me!).

‘i dun no if ppl rememba ritin’ like dis not 2 long ago’ but I think I’ve grown out of that writing style, even when it comes to texting (possibly because I have unlimited texts now and so can type for as long as I want haha).

I starting doing a bit better when I started blogged for the first time:

funny how you find the time to do all the things you never found time to do when you are supposed to be studying for exams… hmmm.

my legitimate reason (excuse) for starting a blog at this point in time is that I’ve finished my journal and haven’t ‘found the time’ to buy a new one yet. though I do have a $10 voucher that I was given unintentionally for helping out at Mid-year O-week, so maybe I’ll use it up when I go in next week…

well, after surveying the many different blogging sites that are available nowadays, WordPress seems to be the most clean, accessible, user-friendly out of them all so I’ve decided to make it my home here on the worldwide web :)

Not sure exactly what I’ll be posting here…probably just everyday rants about faith, friends, family, uni, music, photos, work, fashion, asian dramas (ahaha, that either got a disgusted look or a cocked eyebrow of interest am I correct??) and other random things that tickle my fancy…

for now, will have to sign off to do some relatively important things… namely exam study lol

fun fun.

♥ a.

– October 31, 2008

I only missed out on proper capitalisation 5 times haha.  As you can see carrying additional commentary within brackets has been one habit that has continued over the years.  I think full stops after my smiley faces started filtering through into my writing in Dec 2009 after coming in contact with someone who did that and I guess I just picked it up unbeknownst-ly :).  Another habit that I picked up in my writing (this applies more to texting) is putting ‘xo’ a lot more than I used to and using the ‘<3’ symbol (it took me the longest time to work out what it was supposed to stand for haha).

Hmmm, I guess that’s it.  There hasn’tt been many changes after all… more subtle changes that seemed a lot bigger until I wrote them down :).

And this has been yet another pointless piece of self-analysis.  Thank you for your participation.

Maybe I’ll crack open that guitar book that Ada lent me (three months ago!!) and learn a few chords now that I physically can’t get into work today (I wonder if I should go see my GP?).

Oh yeah, and maybe do a bit of studying too ;).

Have a great Friday everyone and don’t ever take your feet for granted!

♥ Ames

BTW, I totally forgot to add my use of acronyms! :D

2 thoughts on “writing changes

  1. My latest trip into chicago taught me to not take my feet for granted! We walked every where and it was a pain in the, well, foot.

    I got back and read my old posts and do see huge changes in my writing, but I do feel like I’ve grown up a lot. I think my posts sound younger. That’s probably dumb and all in my head, but that’s how I feel! :)

    1. I started looking longing at people walking in high heels for the first time haha. I’m on the mend and can’t wait to walk or just stand without pain!

      Yeah, I do see the changes as ‘maturity’ in writing as well… *hi5*.


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