Brekkie w/Women in the Law

What causes one to wake up every consecutive hour between 1-4am?  Partly the fear of being late and perhaps a dash of anticipation for…

Though yet (at the time) to discover the cause of my foot pains, I was determined to make it to the breakfast sans crutches so after hobbling my way from Flagstaff Station, I made it into the RACV City Club a bit after 7am.  Boy was I glad to fill my tummy with some of the lovely spread…

I polished off some fruit with berry yoghurt before our first guest speaker was introduced to us:

What struck me about Jessie Taylor (@taylor_jessie if you are interested in following her on Twitter) was that she seemed so young to have had such an impressive resume (lawyer and refugee advocate, chair of the Law Institute of Victoria Refugee Law Reform Committee, on the board of The Justice Project since 2004 and is the Secretary of Liberty Victoria, documentary filmmaker) and also be a foster mother to a minor from Afghanistan (not 100% sure about the country but definitely a minor separated from his parents as a result of the conflict in the Middle East).  I was reminded once again that age is no barrier to doing great things.  The passion with which she spoke with was another thing that I will take away from the breakfast.  It is so easy to lose focus amongst readings and assessment as to why you are studying law but her speech has invigorated me with a renewed sense of why I chose to study for another 3 years…

Key quotes: “Injustice motivates me” and “The law is not an end in itself, the law is a tool.”

Halfway through, dishes of Egg Benedict were placed in front of us…. quite nice, though I find that anything with eggs satisfies my breakfast cravings (I was indignant when a girl sitting on our table turned down her plate in favour of cereal!)… our next speaker brought years of experience and wisdom to the lectern…

I was inspired, no doubt.  Justice Hampel described the journey that she had taken to get to where she is now and encouraged us to take all opportunities (even if they come from left field at times) because the ‘law will take you paths you may not have first envisioned’.  I was left once again with the appreciation of the profession that I am/will be privileged to be a part of and how making a positive difference in our community is in the reach of anyone who will take a stand for the rights of others and keep at it until there are results.

Key quotes: “You can do everything, but not all at once’ and (not so much for inspirational reasons) “If you don’t have someone to love, get a cat!”

Overall, it was a pleasant morning spent with some heroes in the law (including the lovely ladies I sat with) before heading off next door to PILCH :).

Now, to do the hard yards and get through law school first haha…

♥ Ames

P.S. X-rays results found that I have done NO damage to my foot, PtL!  Must have been just a sprain and hence, good-bye crutches! I’m glad we only had a short affair… you made life much slower and hurt my armpits!

2 thoughts on “Brekkie w/Women in the Law

  1. Empowerment is always a lovely dish to have for breakfast! The eggs benedict didn’t look too bad either. I need to go to another writer’s convention. These things always help me grow an inch or two.

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