Happy Belated Moon Festival!

It has been a busy 10 days since I’ve posted here… every time I’ve opened the window to blog, something has come up or I know in my heart of hearts something else should have priority at that point in time (i.e. readings haha) BUT, surely one may indulge on the eve of a mid-semester break?

One major event that’s happened recently was the Moon Festival Celebration that was held at my church over the weekend! ‘Twas the first time we’d ever done anything of this sort at the church so it was great to have a good turnout and positive feedback from all the students and newcomers that joined us :).  I’d say we made and ate over 100 dumplings and made and distributed 30+ mooncakes haha

I got the chance to witness the trial-run mooncake making demo the day before the event and also jotted down the recipe that was constantly asked for afterwards so here’s something to try for next year’s Moon Festival ;).

(I’ve started taking photos in RAW which have yet to be edited so the following snaps are from my iPhone and hence I apologise in advance for the bad quality)

Snow Pastry Moon Cake

Makes about 33 moon cakes but of varying sizes



  • 500 g rice flour
  • 500g icing sugar, sifted
  • 750 ml room temp water
  • 120 g cooking oil
  • 1 teaspoon of banana essence
  • moulds (can be purchased in some Asian stores i.e. Victoria St, Richmond VIC)
Moulds (these were bought in VN though)


  • 1 kg mung beans/350 g sugar (can substitute with 1 kg taro (peeled , chopped)/200g sugar)
  • Cold water
  • Rice flour
Mung Bean filling
Taro Filling


  1. Place mung beans and sugar into a pot.  Pour cold water until just covered all the beans. Boil the beans until soft and all the water has mostly been absorbed (leave a little bit of water left so that it doesn’t burn at the bottom)
  2. Mash the beans and then add rice flour to the mixture until you can roll them into balls.  Set aside.
  3. Place rice flour and icing sugar into a bow and combine well.
  4. Make a hole in the mixture, pour the water, oil and banana essence into the middle and kneed into all liquids combined
  5. Roll into balls and then flatten (sprinkle rice flour on your working bench to keep pastry from sticking).
  6.  Place a ball of filling into the pastry and fold over until covered.
  7. Cover with rice flour and then press firmly into the moulds.
  8. Tap out of the mould and serve!

There is no exact measurements of the water and rice flour as our resident moon cake expert said it was more of an ‘intuition’ thing so best wishes for giving this a try!

We also tried putting a video together to demonstration of making Taiwanese moon cakes but the clips got corrupted in the transferring process so a photo will have to do…

In other news, my foot is much better now :).  After finding out there was no fracture (PtL!), I threw aside the crutches and have been hobbling since… however, I think my impatience to walk around normally again has slowed down the healing process so on advice from Fi today, I decided it was time I took better care of myself…

it was a bit pointless to watermark this haha

Hopefully, some rest these next two weeks will do the trick! Anyway, I’ll leave it here for now… I don’t know when I’ll be blogging again but I hope you’ll be around when I do :).  Happy belated Moon Festival!

♥ Ames

P.S. Chessie was pretty amazing, no, AWESOME for sending a handwritten note all the way from the US of A to me ^^. Thank you, m’dear – made me feel so special :).  Handwriting letters is almost a lost art in the world of emails and text messages so I say, let’s write some letters, people!

6 thoughts on “Happy Belated Moon Festival!

  1. How cool! I’m not familiar with the Moon Festival but it sounds like delicious fun.

    Hope your foot feels better quickly, dear heart.

    1. Yes, most Asian festivals are delicious ;). Ah, I forget sometimes that not everyone celebrates the same traditions ^^’. The link to wiki should give a more detailed explanation than what I would be able to give I think :).

      And thanks for the well wishes :).

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