OK.  This is kinda embarrassing.  I’ve been contemplating whether or not to post about it but after some consideration, I thought, ‘What is the use of a blog if you can’t use it at times to record historical moments in one’s life??’ However, this link is still not going on Facebook or Twitter XD.

Well, you’ve heard me talk about applications for a while and I’ve been blessed to have been granted a few interviews, PtL! Hence, I thought that I would tidy up my bob with a haircut… there were mixed reviews when it comes to my decision to have the big chop at the end of last year… it was interesting to hear girl friends gush over it and guy friends seemingly indifferent or subtly indicate their preference for the longer locks haha. The boys I teach all said I looked better with long hair and the girlies at church all protested when I first got it cut… lol well, at the end of the day, it’s my hair and I needed the change and loved it :).  Anyway, I digress.

This time round, I was armed with a photo I took off GoogleImages of the type of fringe I wanted since I was unsuccessfully in communicating my desire for a fringe last time I stepped into Good Morning Hair, one of the many Korean hair salons in Box Hill.  The guy who cut my hair last time was exceptionally skilled but I just couldn’t seem to explain myself well enough… Imagine my delight when I found out that not only was my hairdresser the only Chinese working in the store but she spoke next to perfect English! Score :D.  So we had a good chat and I got to showing her the photo before she broke the bad news to me… my hair is too straight for this fringe:

Too straight??! I was shattered :(.  She gave me a glimmer of hope though (and this is where the slightly embarrassing situation comes in)… she said she could get my hair that way if I got the fringe permed… PERMED! When I think of perms, I think of (forgive me for the stereotype) little old ladies like my grandma.  She used to get her’s done every 6 months so she wouldn’t have to wash it as often… anyway, once I shook that image out of my head, I thought, ‘Why not?’ I had the time and I guess I’m always up for trying something new ;).

So yes, I got a perm. Lol, I guess it wasn’t that embarrassing to admit.  And I also got a chance to acquire some knowledge about the whole process i.e. there are two stages: the first solution is used to break down the hair structure and then the second solution is used to keep the hair in the shape that you want it to stay in.  This Korean-speaking heat machine was pretty cool too…

OK, maybe this is a bit embarrassing...

The lengthened haircut trip also gave me a chance to talk a bit longer with the hairdresser (she gave me some green tea too ^^) and it was good to learn more about hair care (e.g. I totally didn’t know you are supposed to only shampoo your scalp and only condition your hair – as opposed to conditioning your scalp as well).

So an hour and a cut later…TA-DA!

feeling a tad sheepish for asking the hairdresser to take a photo ^^'

It looks a bit uneven at the back but I think this was before she did something spiffy with the hairdryer (she was kind enough to talk me through it so that I can hopefully replicate this at home).  This photo has also made me realise that it may be time to say good-bye to my favourite tee >.<.  Anyway, the hairdresser was very good at her job as I somehow walked out with some special salon shampoo…

In my defence, I have been trying to work out how to correct the imbalance that’s been happening on my head since coming back from Perth earlier this year… I think the change in climate really messed with my hair… oh well, we’ll see how this goes.  I have to say I do like the fact that my fringe now dries perfectly without much post-wash work :).

That day, I also got a pair of work pants taken up and finally got around to getting some insoles for my flat feet…

still lovin' my spotted PJs!

Ah, the things you do for an interview haha.

ANYWAY, now that I think about it, that was a pretty random and possibly boring post.  Sorry for boring you.

Thanks for stopping by though :).

Good night!

♥ Ames

8 thoughts on “shhhhh…

  1. Nice hairstyle! :)
    And Kerastase is an awesome shampoo, trust me, it stops my hair looking like five kinds of crap when I wake up in the morning!

    I’ve just gotten back into the blogosphere after a LONG LOOONG hiatus, so come check out my blog :)

    1. Haha cheers :). Well, I’ve been trying a lot of different shampoos lately and nothing’s really worked to stop my hair from getting all yucky by the next day so hopefully it’ll give some good results!

      Awesome, I’m always on the look out for some blogs to read so I’ll come over and visit :).


    1. Hey Sophie! It was pretty good but probably the most expensive haircut I’ve ever had in my life- hence, another part of the embarrassment. However, since you asked I will tell you: $30 for the cut, $35 for the perm, $35 for the shampoo!

      Eeek, burned a hole in my pocket >.< But I guess it's not something you are going to do on a weekly basis so I guess if I spread out the cost to cover the rest of this year, it's not so bad?


  2. What’s so embarrassing about getting a perm ??!! I’ve had 2.. wait 3 perms in my life span thus far. Haha.. I guess when you associate perms with old lady perms (which, yes, my grandma is part of that demographic), then it may be a bit. But you’d be surprised with how common it is these days amongst the younger generation ! And Kerastase is awesome, good choice — I’ve been using that stuff too ^^

    1. Thanks, Mel :). I just wonder if my pocket can keep up with the maintanence costs :P. Oh and yes, I guess if I really do pay attention, I do know a few from ‘our generation’ who have permed their hair… I just never imagined I would be one of them haha but I guess you can never say never :).

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