Dear future Ames…

One of the questions I’ve been asked recently (in the spirit of interview season) is: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Five years…?

Though I am a goal-orientated person, five years seems a long, long, long time away.  And if I’m being honest, I had not really contemplated that question until it was first proposed to me.   So it got me thinking… and then I decided to write a letter to my future self :).

Mine started off something like this:

Dear future Ames,

If you have followed the instructions, today’s date will be 22 September 2016!  You will be 27 years old… my, that’s old!  Haha, but only because 22 years old Amy can’t quite imagine being that old yet… it’s all relative really, so don’t worry as we all have to get older each year but as long as you keep dreaming and don’t give up on your dreams, you are still young at heart :).

I then went onto describe what’s happening right now and then what I hoped would be in my life in 5 years time (it might or might not have included a husband and a car and not necessarily in that order – but that’s for 27 years old Ames to find out!).

It’s nice to dream… it’s also nice to have goals… it’s also nice when you have an essay finished which I haven’t so I better get my head out of the clouds and get back to it! :P

You’ll have to keep your eyes on her… she’s a dreamer.

♥ Ames

4 thoughts on “Dear future Ames…

  1. I’m a dreamer too! It’s exciting to think where I would be five years from now. Since five years is a long ways off, it’s hard for me to make goals, or realistic ones anyway. ;) Great post!

  2. In five years I’ll be 30!! THIRTY. Oh my word.

    So many things I want to have accomplished or started by then.

    It puts it into perspective though, when I think about 20, and how far I’ve made it from there. :)


    1. Age is just a number really. It’s the quality of life that you live that really matters :). I know you’ve grown lots as a blogger and a person since I first met you so I’m sure only the best is ahead :). xo

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