Review: The Deck

And so, I’m now on the other side of my clerkship interviews, yay!  I’m definitely glad for the opportunity to have chats with HR personnel and Partners at the few firms that gave me a chance :).  They all had a slightly different feel but at the same time, I could see myself happily working in any of them… some interviews were more structured than others, some were longer, some more conversational… but one thing they all asked me about was ‘food blogging’! Haha, I threw that in as an afterthought on my CV and sure enough, the question rolled around (usually as the last one before heading out the door!).

Though this isn’t strictly a food blog, I find that most posts usually revolve around food because most of the gathering of friends and family that I have come hand in hand with feasting together :).

Speaking of which, it was so so so so nice to have a get-together with my group of old high school friends last week and of course, it was over some good food too ;).  It was a farewell-birthday-catch-up dinner kind of affair so I think we all made a special effort to be there and it was just grand :).  There were some I hadn’t seen for way too long (since last year?!) so it was great to hear and share what had been happening in each other’s lives.  I also eagerly filed up on my ‘hug supply’ hehe – my love for hugs (and almost need for them!) can probably be linked (in part) to going to a girls school where greetings are always accompanied with hugs and squeals of joy! *happy sigh*


Oh right – the food!  We decided on The Deck on Mercantile Place (it can be a bit hard to find –  from cnr of King Street and Flinder Street, walk up King St then turn left into the first lane and go up the stairs) since they have a $10 pizza + drink deal on Thursdays.  It was quite busy when we first arrived around 6:30ish but we were able to snag a set of couches for ourselves after 30 mins so that was good.

Sadly, they didn’t have the roof open so we missed out on star-gazing (*sad face*) but their global pizza menu was well received by the group (*happy face*).  The lighting was quite horrible for photos so you’ll just have to trust me when I say that each pizza looked divine!  They each came in a cardboard box and so we just used those as our serving plates, ha!  The pizzas were the size of ‘small pizzas’, cut into four which was perfect for a bit of swapsy to try other flavours (eating 4 pieces of pizza with the same type of topping can get a bit monotonous)… I chose the North Italian Pizza and did a swap with Slug (Tasmanian Pizza) and Rach (Moroccan Pizza).  I thought the ones I tried all tasted great albeit a bit cold – but that was mainly because our attention were often diverted away from the pizza to the conversation bubbling away :P.

So if you are looking for some cheap pizza in the CBD on a Thursday night, try out The Deck!   Probably would be even better in summer!  The Deck only trades on Thursdays, Fridays (12pm – late) and Saturdays (6pm – late) and is connected to the Waterside Hotel.

♥ Ames

P.S. Those who get notifications of this new posts will possibly question why I’m up at 4am haha, just finished off my notes for Remedies so thought I should reward myself by blogging ;). 2 more days of break in which to get as far along with my research essay as possible, yikes!  See you later…zzzzz.

2 thoughts on “Review: The Deck

    1. Awww, thanks Lor! We pretty much ‘met’ just before I started law school if I remember correctly – after some bearded individual said he found someone on the interwebs to marry ;).

      Love you too! *hugs*

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