THL 1: Meet Jerry

This is not procrastination, really it’s not.

Maybe it is.

A little.

Anyhow, I thought I’d start a new series: THL – Thankful, Happy, Laughter

Basically, it’ll be a condensed version of things that have been happening for which I’m thankful for, happy about or got a giggle from (that way I can still enjoy a bit of blogging during exam without feeling too guilty).  This first set will have photos though I can’t always guarantee them… Enjoy :).

1. Daisies in the yard
2. Macro shots makes me happy
3. yummy sandwiches in the sun

4. Little Cupcakes at the office!
5. Meet Jerry the goldfish who likes to float on his side and pretend to play dead
6. fresh mango, vege and prawn salad dinner on a warm Spring night
7. being able to walk in sandals without foot pain

And a bonus that just came in which requires a bit of context… I had a sudden craving for green tea ice-cream and sent out a question via the wonders of Facebook to local some… sadly, Il Dolce Freddo is a bit too far from home as is Trampoline but my mum brought back a number these babies to stock our freezer:

8. Durian, Red Bean and Coffee Ice-cream!

I love my mum.

What are you thankful for, happy about or laughing about right now?

Well, it’s back to the books for me now – while munching a durian ice-cream ;).

♥ Ames

8 thoughts on “THL 1: Meet Jerry

  1. The daisy one is my favorite. And the cupcake one. And the mango/prawn salad. that looks too delish for words.

    Today, my homemade pumpkin pasties are making me happy. and fat.

  2. Always thankful for friends and family and the chance to celebrate Life with them each and every day. Love this post, Ames!!! Now, I’m prolly not in the best position to tell you to do that yourself seeing as I’m procrastinating like hell, but good luck anyway! =D

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