And just like that,

2nd year of law is finished!  It feels very surreal – at the start of the semester we were at the half way point of our degree and suddenly, we are now 2/3 of the way through… well, officially in three weeks after these ‘dratted’ exams (hehe, as a tribute to our amusing and highly intelligent Corps teacher).

Lots of pictures taken in the past week but no time or desire to edit them at the moment… I think I’m at the stage where I’ve realised how little time there is left to cram study and study I must… so maybe just one lol.

Earrings my dad brought back for me :)

Best wishes, uni students!  Almost there!

♥ Ames

7 thoughts on “And just like that,

  1. Nice! I took a Law subject (PBL) as breadth and found it really interesting. All the best with the rest of your degree! Hope you get to do loads of fun stuff when all this madness is over hehe… Good luck!

    1. I did PBL as an elective in my Arts degree haha good times :). Thanks, Winston! Best wishes to you for this last stretch since you’ll be graduating! It’d be cool to do a Melb-Uni-student-foodie-blogger outing (Michelle Chin is from Melb uni too isn’t she?) before you guys all leave the country for the holidays… just putting it out there :).

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