THL 2: Momentum

A short post to say that as of 3:34am, Wednesday 2nd November 2011…. I HAVE FINISHED MY ESSAY!!!

I am all of THL right now:

Thankful that it is over.  Happy that it is over.  Laughing that it FINALLY over!

Not that it was a horrid essay topic to write on… I actually really enjoyed researching for it, am quite happy with the end result (albeit there is a truckload of referencing and editing left to do… in the morning after sleep) and even came up with a funky title:

Exchanging Assets for Care: The ‘New’ Family Affair

Like my rhyme?  Isn’t that just grand? Haha, I may not think that in the morning but whatev’s I say ;).

The only issue I have with writing essays is that they are often so difficult to start.  I attribute it to the ‘Law of Momentum’ or as leadership coach/author, John C. Maxwell calls it, ‘The Big Mo’ (see 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership)… I haven’t had much of a chance (yet) to read up on The Big Mo (reminds me of Movember) but as I powered through 1,500 words tonight/last night/this morning/gah, all I could think was, “I’ve got momentum, baby and I’m lovin’ it!”

Time for a bit of sleep…

♥ Ames


2 thoughts on “THL 2: Momentum

  1. So true about the momentum! It’s true for lots of things including essays. The big question is always “how do I start?”

    Two years down!
    I’m so proud of you Ames. <3

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