If you are twiddling your thumbs…

As I was waiting for the printer to spit out the notes I’d pain-stakingly finalised this last week for Monday’s exam, I had a dig through some of my earlier food posts from the old blog… I only started writing posts specifically about food earlier this year so I was/am still working out my writing style (hence you’ll see some elements that I tried adopting from a very popular food blogger… imitation is the biggest compliment right?) but there was some good food if not well-written about yet… I guess working out your own way of conveying the wonderment and deliciousness of food in a coherent fashion takes time…

Anyhow, I thought I’d make them more accessible so here’s a list below if you are twiddling your thumbs (this will be housed under the tab: Food –> Archives):

  1. Dao Vien
  2. Brunetti Birthday
  3. Your Thai + Bonus
  4. Caffe Moravia 
  5. Kam Bo 
  6. San Cho 
  7. Cookies in a Jar 
  8. Co Do and Dong Que 
  9. Mini Chocolate Muffins 


♥ Ames

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