THL 3: Jelly Bean Love

10. Deactivating FB – curbing procrastination

This was probably the best thing I did for myself during SWOTVAC.  Some people know how to control their use… I’m still struggling learning so let’s just say that procrastination magnifies the addiction.  It’s so easy to live vicariously through other people’s updates that you lose perspective on what’s happening RIGHT NOW in your own life… but of course that just meant I rediscovered Twitter and Tumblr lols I also changed my blog subscriptions settings so that I wouldn’t be getting real-time updates of when people posted however, that wasn’t enough to keep me away from browsing blogs-a-plenty ^^’.  Oh well.

11. Study group sessions: 2,3, 4 heads are always better than one!

I’m so thankful to have people I can nut out hypos and essay topics with :).  I remember it being said once that Law is one of those subjects that cannot or should not be studied in isolation. Word.

12. Submitting my final essay for 2011!

It a bittersweet feeling as it also officially ends my work for PILCH, an amazing not-for-profit organisation that I’ve been interning with since the start of the year.  It’s been such a privilege to work with people who are committed to helping the less fortunate and making a real difference in our community.  They also saved me from the disillusionment I got from law school halfway through last year but that’s a story for another time.

13. Finishing my first of three exams – The end is in sight!

PtL!  I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders… two more til freedom!

14. Living at home – all pros in my mind

  • no rent or bills to pay
  • home-cooked meals that you don’t always cook yourself
  • more hands to help with pegging up clothes to dry
  • awesome company everyday of the year

Yep, sorry Mum and Dad.  I won’t be leaving for a while! (not that you’d let me LOL)

15. – where have you been all my law school life??  

It’s always comforting to know you aren’t the only one walking this challenging road.  And to laugh at the all-too-familiar situations law students find themselves in…

16. Jelly Bean Love:

See behind the scenes here.

♥ Ames

6 thoughts on “THL 3: Jelly Bean Love

  1. Whoop-dee-doo!! Looks like you had a VERY productive week. Tackling and overcoming things, one after another. I really wish I were more dedicated this SWOTVAC. Actually, the stress is finally kicking in. Anyway, good luck good luck good luck! You can do it woo hoo! =D

    1. Haha, I try… a healthy amount of stress never hurt so all the best for your exams!! Congrats on the new domain name! I don’t think I get enough traffic to warrent it yet myself but maybe one day :). Thanks for stopping by, Winston!

  2. I’m enjoying the pros of living with my parents still. I know there are times where I just FEEL that it’s time to move on and start my own family and have my own house, but that all has to wait on God’s timing. In the meanwhile, I’m happy to take advantage of livnig rent free. ;)

    Also, I love this song and video! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Indeed :). I think moving out is a bit overrated anyways, though I guess it depends on what the family dynamics are… if you can’t stand your parents and there’s always fights or arguments, I can understand the draw of getting away from it all. I’m thankful to be blessed with amazing parents whom I can stay up late and chat with even when I’m supposed to be studying :P.

      That video just blew me away! At first I couldn’t work out how they did the backgrounds and stuff but then when I saw the behind the scenes… jelly beans????! So amazing! And you are welcome :). Always love it when you stop by, Lor so thanks *hugs*

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