What exam revision looks like…

I did not realise this subject was so 'case' heavy...
woohoo colourful tabs!
It's not official 'til it's bound...
I went a bit crazy with the highlighters...

3 hours

2 questions

1 hundred per cent






Exam 1, here I come!

(this has been a scheduled post as I am in ‘reading time’ now)

♥ Ames

2 thoughts on “What exam revision looks like…

  1. You’re gonna do great! You have put in the work and preparation. Eat a good breakfast, dress up pretty for confidence, and pray for a clear mind. You’re amazing! :)

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Chess! I did have a good breakfast but dressed more for comfort rather than pretty lol! Still I think it went alright, PtL! :)

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