cherries for our bellies

With such a backlog of food posts, it’s hard to know where to start so I thought I’d write about something more recent…

Today’s weather reminded me of our adventure to Yarra Valley on the weekend – it was four season in one day!  Typical Melbourne weather, you’re likely to say!  Two weeks earlier, the weather was forecasted to be 27°C, sunny with blue skies.  Two weeks later, 23°C, heavy rain and thunderstorms!  Did we let that stop us from going on an outing to the cherry farm?  Of course not!

Prepared with umbrellas and raincoats, we prayed for a miracle as we drove through drought-breaking showers towards ‘Cherry Haven’, a family-owned cherry orchard, overlooking the picturesque Yarra Valley of Victoria from the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges.

In Victoria, cherries seasonally begin from early November and continue sometimes through until mid January (so says so if you are in our lovely state, you have a month and a half to visit (Is it just me, or has this year just flown away? December already!? Far out!)…

Anyway, back to last weekend!  By TGoG, the rain started to lighten up (read: it was still raining) when we got to the farm so we waited for a few other cars to arrive before setting off to fill our tummies buckets with cherries!  The guy manning the entrance, gave us a discount to go in because we had so many people, but generally, entry is $6 for adults and $3 per child under 12 years of age:


With entrance paid and buckets in hand (they are provided for your use for free and can hold up to 5 kgs of cherries!), we took a look at the little tutorial of how to pick cherries:

and then went off to explore…

Cherry Haven boasts over 30 different types of cherries in the orchard and we all had fun working out which ones were sweet, crunchy or both!

Each row has a sign that tells you which type has been grown in that row and let me advise you to check before you pick and bite (I learnt that lesson when I bit into one called ‘sour cooking cherries’):

There’s not really much else to say except to go on an empty stomach so that you can stuff your faces with…

We stopped at a strawberry farm on the way back that also sold other fruits alongside… our family friends bought a kilo of frozen fresh blueberries ($10 per kilo) whereas I opted for the sweeter option:

clearly, we ate most on the way before we got home...

It’s definitely lots of fun if you haven’t gone before, and fun even if you have… much better when you go with a friend or a group of thirty friends as was in our case!

We bought 1.5 kg home and it's all gone now!

Hope you have a ‘Berry’ Good Time if you visit Cherry Haven!

all photos without watermark were taken by my friend Sean :)

Address: 470 Queens Road (end of Cherry Lane), Wandin East, Victoria

IN OTHER NEWS: A big warm welcome to baby Ada into the world!  So glad to have you join our extended family and congratulations to Ann&Adam for the new bubs! xoxo

♥ Ames

7 thoughts on “cherries for our bellies

  1. You’re making me hungry! Those cherries look divine! What a fun activity. Here in Arizona, we have a peach picking farm in the early autumn but i’ve never gone.

    1. Then I have achieved my goal hehe :). Yeah, they were pretty delightful! I’ve never been peach picking but I expect that the same fun may be had as well! You should give it a try when autumn comes round again :).

  2. Cherry farm!! I had such a great time with my family (extended ones included) and we really went nuts there. Really is one of the best things to do during Summers. I really hope we get to go there this year but not sure. Anyway, glad to hear that you got to enjoy yourself over there! Weee~

    1. Yeah, it’s just one of those awesome outdoor group activities :). It would have been better had it been more sunny but still lots of fun nevertheless :).

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