’tis the season

The year is wrapping up and that means that piano teaching is also being put on hold for the holiday season.  We had our annual ‘Purely Piano Play-out’ concert on the weekend and it was so great to see the improvement that’s taken place over the course of the year.  A number of the students have hit that point in their music education where lots of the connections have been made and they’re just flying – three students had their Book 1 Concert Set performance which was such a big achievement!  Seeing the progress of your students is the best present that any teacher could have for Christmas but these were kinda cool too:

It's too pretty to eat...

That last one is ‘Hot Chocolate in a Jar’ from the same family that put together ‘Cookie in a Jar‘.  I love the creativity, time and effort put into these eatable gifts – and they’re pretty yummy too ^^.

In other news, I got another haircut hehe!  I really like what the hairdresser did last time so I went back and asked for a bit of shorter cut, perming the fringe again.  She offered to curl it for me so that I could learn how to do it up for future events… so please excuse me as I indulge in a little sel-cam action:

And one without the glasses:

Obviously it won’t stay this style once I wash it again but I kinda like it :).  Though, I feel extremely Asian (more than usual) as a result… I feel like one of those Korean movie stars hehe!

embracing my Asian-ness

Also, two items arrived in the mail today:

No. 1

I bought a one with this design about two years ago but it had been a size too small… it was my favourite tee so I would wear it anyway but it was always too tight for my liking HENCE when Threadless Tees had their $10 sale after exams, I thought I should reward myself :D.

No. 2

Thanks Ange! I love Christmas cards (but only the ones that have a meaningful message in them) and yours warmed my heart :).  Can’t wait for 2012!  I have put a little something together in response but that’ll get posted later ;).

Hope all the uni students have been making the most of their time off from the books and everyone is enjoying the festive season :).

♥ Ames

2 thoughts on “’tis the season

  1. You’re adorable!!!!

    I have to agree, the best Christmas present ever is seeing your own students grow by leaps and bounds. I used to be a dance teacher and after I moved away from my teaching job, I went back one Christmas to watch their Christmas performance. I was in AWE! They had gotten so GOOD! It’s so much fun to have such special people in your life.

    1. Thanks, Amy :).

      There is truly nothing like seeing the fruits of the time and effort you’ve invested in others… I reckon being a teacher is probably one of the most rewarding jobs out there :). Maybe I’ll consider it again after I give this law thing a proper go! Hope you are enjoying the holiday season, dear!

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