2011 was the year…

I don’t know about you guys, but 2011 has been a year of lots of changes and personal growth. I think the most important lesson I’ve learnt this year is to let go of things I have no need for (more of that in a later post). On a more light-hearted note, 2011 was the year (in no particular order) I…

  • made cappuccino my default caffeinated drink (I think I will graduate to the skinny latte in 2012)
  • tried chai latte for the first time and liked it ;)
  • began to eat wasabi with my sushi
  • visited Perth for the first time
  • had my best semester in law school :D
  • got my hair permed… twice!
  • started working full-time hours for the first time and will make the most of my last year as a student!

As for 2012 resolutions, I’ll elaborate on them once I’ve worked out what I’m resolving to do haha!

For now, this sounds pretty good:

Happy New Year’s Eve, blogosphere! See you next year ;). The best is yet to come!

♥ Ames

4 thoughts on “2011 was the year…

  1. Your recap of 2011 would not be complete without food on the list. :) You’re too cute!! Thanks for being such a sweetheart and such an uplifting person.

    Just so you know, I’m thinking about making my next story on Chapterhouse Lane the one with your name in it. Your character is so great! A little Americanized :D but I like her. It’s not even close to being finished and I’m kinda scared about posting it because it’s a VERY rough draft, but I think it’ll help push me to get it done. I’ve only got 7 more months of free time left after all. :)

    1. Hehe, I couldn’t help myself! They were milestones considering I used to never drink coffee or have wasabi :D. Thanks for always leaving such kind words on this humble little blog, I always appreciate you stopping by :).

      And yay for an Americanized Ames coming to life :D. I must find myself over to Chapterhouse Lane soon! Happy new years, Amy and congrats once again on your very joyful news :).


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