what you find when you clean…

With the onslaught of social activities in December, we began undergoing a big cleanup of our house last month which has continued into the new year.  I found a few items that caught my eye:

A page from my prep report!
sticker earrings from my childhood :)
an old oroton wallet

How I used to earn money lol

This letter sadly never got sent but I do find lil Ames pretty cute…

Thankfully my spelling has improved since then!

Lol at ‘writing back is a good thing!’ :D.

I did a bit of a clean up of my wardrobe as well and reorganised my drawers:

single top drawer (left) and scarf drawer (right)

This led me to one of my new year’s resolutions which was to spend money more wisely in 2012 (aka ‘don’t buy any new clothes’ though Papa said that proper goals should be worded positively rather than negatively).  Sometimes we don’t realise how much we have until we make the time to take stock and reorder things.  I have more than enough and even gave away about 4 bags of clothes that I haven’t worn in years (‘horde less’ should be another resolution!).  So far, I haven’t bought any new clothes but I have bought 4 journals ^^’. In my defence, they were on sale and I know I’ll use them eventually so it is a wise purchase, no?

Have you made any resolutions that you need the blogging world to keep you accountable for? :)

♥ Ames

Comments are like waking up to sunshine... positively lovely :). You know what to do!

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