How to catch pippies the Asian way

Destination: Venus Bay, Victoria, Australia.

Step 1: Have a hearty breakfast at your local Noodle Shop.

Number 13 at Phu Linh (Mi Kho Cha Tom Chien = fried bean curd paper prawns & dried noodles)

 Extra point: If you visit Phu Linh a day after new years, they give out complimentary sweet soup (I know that’s not what you call it but this is the best direct translation I could make!):

a combination of grass jelly, 'tadpole eggs' (not really) and other chewy substances...

Step 2: Buy some snacks for the road ahead.

Step 3: Enjoy the lovely view along the way.

love the open spaces in Australia :)

Step 4: Stop for lunch at the park across from Wonthaggi Hospital.


Sharing the other snacks bought before the trip

Step 5: Drive for another 30 mins and you should arrive at your destination (and here begins the ‘yesteryear’ filter).

Venus Bay Beach

Step 5: Admire the gorgeous sea creations as you walk 20 mins down the beach (away from the car park area).

so pretty!!

Step 6: Locate others digging with a bucket by their side and get to work!

Pretty soon you’ll have a bucketful of pippies:


Step 7: Rinse them out as best you can before steaming them in a shallow pan of water on the gas stove that you’ve brought until they open.

Step 8: Eat to your heart’s content!

Step 9: Admire the amazing sunset on the way home.

Step 10: Bring enough home that you can share them with two sets of relatives and still eat 4 rounds yourself (this probably should have been Step 9).

entrée - sautéed with XO sauce
Supper - Stirfried with garlic, ginger and oyster sauce (I think)

Tip: Let the pippies sit in clean water with some chilli after you bring them home to make them spit out the sand.

And there you have it!  10 steps to catch (and eat) pippies the Asian way (according to moi).

Note: Make sure you obtain a fishing license from the DPI or you may be caught out in a big way (no pun intended).  Each license costs $6.00 and will license each person to take 2 kgs of pippies home.

♥ Ames

P.S. As you can see, the blog has a new layout!  Let me know what you think via the poll on the right :).

5 thoughts on “How to catch pippies the Asian way

  1. Hey there! I did not know you had a blog, but now that I do, I will follow you. I like the layout and the colours. It’s easy to navigate and food and photography are both categories I would peruse.
    I particularly liked the tip about making pippies spit out their sand, and the advice about fishing licences.

    1. Haha where else but the epitome of Asian-town in Melb –> Springvale :D I’m pretty sure you can get the supplies in Richmond as well :).

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