Love being an ABC

When this post is published (thanks to the wonders of scheduled post possibilities), our side of the world will be 12:01am on 26th January 2012 and so….


It’s only fitting that I spend a few moments to say how much I love being an Australian.  I love our tendencies to fight for the underdog and the general consensus that everyone should be given a ‘fair go’.  I love the fact that we’re so multicultural (well, Melbourne more than most – IMO) and have large parks in the middle of the city.  I love how I can enjoy days at the beach and road trips to wide open spaces in the country and yet feel at home in the hustle and bustle of the CBD.  I’m proud of my Australian accent and love it when I’m told how strong it is hehe.  I’m so glad I was born and raised in the ‘land down under’ and no matter where I travel to in the world, Australia (and specifically Melbourne) will always be home :).

Having expressed my patriotism, I also have to say how much I love my Chinese heritage and background.  And of course, that’s the cue for me to say a belated, Gong Hei Fatt Choy (Cantonese) or Happy Chinese New Year (CNY)!  I guess it’s not that belated given that celebrations traditionally go on for 2 weeks.  CNY is all about family and gathering together to give thanks for the past year and then wish each other well for the year ahead.  Our CNY celebrations have taken different forms over the years and it’s never quite certain who will we have around the table, but you can always be guaranteed that it’s always over lots, and lots of good food!

Take 1: Family Dinner on Friday Night

We went Viet-style with some amazing food that my very talented Aunty cooked for us.

What's happening here...?
Spring Rolls of course :D
Banh Xeo galore...
Too much food!

Take 2: CNY Festival on Saturday (Box Hill)

When you’ve been once to a CNY Festival, you’ve been to them all really.  This was a bit of a spur of the moment thing but it is nice to go for the festive atmosphere.

We had a friend who was working at one of the stalls and she gave us complimentary Twirly Korean-style potatoes!


No CNY Festival is complete without…

... a fresh sugarcane drink and beef or pork jerky!

I should just take the time now to say that I failed to abstain from meat over the CNY weekend :(.  Meat just seemed to be in every dish at our family dinner and I didn’t want to offend the cook by not eating anything she made… I changed to a partial fast the following day – hence my excuse to eat some jerky! I did get back on the bandwagon after CNY though (lol, I don’t know why I feel like I always have to justify myself on this blog!)…

Take 3: Church Family Dinner on CNY Eve

Everyone was to bring a dish so I helped mum put together Yee Sang which I think has it’s origins in Singapore or Malaysia:

I will be sharing the recipe for this soon too!
This was the seafood and nut free one we had for the kids but I love this photo :)
Nothing gets better than homemade dumplings except when you make the skin too...
Lots of helpers :)
some more viet food...


And Chinese New Year would not be complete without receiving red pockets from the relos!

Looking forward to giving out my own one day ;).

Hope those who celebrate CNY enjoyed and continue to enjoy the Year of the Dragon and for all those Aussies readers out there, Happy Australia Day once again!  Hope you make the most of the public holiday :).


♥ Ames

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