Blogging about blogging

Yesterday was a fitting day to blog about blogging and that was when I began this post.  Why was it such a day?  There were a number of reasons:

1. Blog Friend ‘Catch-Up’

Yesterday ’twas the day I met the wonderful Winston from The Hungry Excavator!  I’ve met a blogger or two in person before but he’s the first from the Melbourne foodie community so it was a momentous occasion :D.  And where better place to meet than over food right?

Gapi Fried Rice from Middle Fish

A Middle Fish review is in the works so I won’t comment on the food in this post but rather on the company :).  It was truly nice in the midst of the busy-ness of preparing for exams, assignments and essays to ‘catch-up’ in the flesh with a friend you’ve only known through words and photography.  Blogger-real-life meet ups are perhaps one of the most satisfying kind of encounters because in many respects, you’ve already caught glimpse of the person’s life and personality and given that you will tend to have a few things in common already (in this case, uni student and food blogger/lover amongst other things), there’s less awkwardness and you can speak to things that you’d probably not get into detail if meeting anyone else for the first time.  Awesome :D.

2. Snail Mail

A belated birthday gift I got in the mail from my S’pore blogging sister! Love you long time, Ange <3

3. New Domain!

I took the plunge and got hosted.  Reasons why and how are probably for a post after exams but for at least the next 24 months, I’m the owner of :).  Still a few things to be done around here but I’m quite happy with the move :).  Not sure if previous subscribers will get updates so please resubscribe if you would like to – thanks!

4. Photo A Day April Challenge Complete!

I guess this isn’t really a reason to blog about blogging but more a reason to blog full stop lol (as are the other reasons below).  Was lots of fun and challenging at times but I really enjoyed seeing what other people took photos of according to the prompts.  I’m not sure if I’ll be joining in this month with the assessment that I have ahead but if you are after the May list, see @FatMumSlim.  My complete Photo A Day April Challenge photos can be found here.

5. Coachella – Brooke Fraser

A song that just puts you in a good mood :).

6. PicFrames (for iPhone and Android)

The best Frames app that I’ve come across so far ($0.99 AUS).

27 April from #photoadayApril

7.  I miss it.

Blogging, that is.  It has always been a way to creatively express myself and I always feel better when I get my thoughts down in words.  So, yes.

OK, better get back into the studying!

Question: Any thoughts on the new site?  Did I make the right decision?

♥ Ames

16 thoughts on “Blogging about blogging

    1. Going well so far :). Though it is a distraction since I keep opening it up to see how pretty it is hehe

  1. Awesome! A new hosted website, how exciting Ames! I’ve decided to try out the Photo A Day, May. I’ll see how it goes. Blogger meet ups seem so exciting, I don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to do that yet. I’m too worried I won’t be social enough in person, haha.

    1. Thanks Soph :). I’ll look forward to your photos then, are you posting them on your blog? I might continue to use it for a bit of inspiration as I continue Project365 hehe well, you’ll never know to you give yourself a chance :). In a way our 2nd meet-up was kinda as a result of blogging (and twitter I guess lol) and that didn’t turn out so bad, did it? :P

      Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Yay thanks for the shoutout, Ames! It was really great meeting you on Monday too! I agree, it’s nice to talk to ppl who shares the same interests and beliefs, and even better in real life! Let’s do this again sometime haha. Anyway, congrats on the new domain, I foresee exciting times ahead =]

    1. My pleasure :). And yes, for sure! Thanks for your blogging advice and overall great company :). Thanks for the well wishes, it is quite exciting when you can take your hobby to another level hehe.


  3. It’s always exciting to meet a fellow-blogger, I’ve met quite a few at random foodie events and whatnot and am looking forward to meeting more :) I love meeting people from the net and the good news is that meeting net people doesn’t have the same stigma as it did say, 10 years ago!

    1. Ditto :). We should rally up all the melb uni food bloggers and have a jolly good time together haha it is good to know that you can say you’ve met people via the blogs and for it to be a totally legit thing! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love it Ames. Congrats on taking the plunge. :)

    I’ve got to buy that app. I’ve been wondering how people do all those pretty frame things and lo and behold! You linked it for me and everything.

    Blogger meet ups really are the best. I have serious, big time faith that one day we will meet too.

    1. Thanks, Lor! It was something I’d been contemplating for a while and then kind of spontaneously thought, why not? The rest is history :).

      Yes, do buy it! It is well worth that $1!

      I am certain we will meet one day soon :). xo

    1. Thanks, leaf! I still want to fiddle around with it a bit but I think I’ve got it in a shape I’m happy with for the time being :). And blogger meet-ups are still a rarity for me as well but little bursts of excitements every once in a while is good for the soul I expect ;).

    1. You definitely should… maybe after assignment season though as I’d hate to be the reason why you get a bad mark :P Merci beaucoup :).

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