Checking out Middle Fish, Carlton

Edited from my review published in Purely Dicta, Issue 1, 2012 …

Move aside Momo Sushi, Pearls and cheap Chinese – there’s a new eatery in law school town!

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When you wander down to Middle Fish during lunch hour, the first thing you will notice is just how packed the place is!  Located conveniently next to Seven Seeds (entrance on Berkeley St side), this Southern Thai café has won the hearts and stomaches of many law students and lecturers since it opened about 6 months ago.

On my first visit, I tried the Pad Gapao Moo Kob ($15.50), which was a delicious serving of pork belly, assorted stir-fried vegies and fried egg with rice.

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My fellow law student had the Green Chicken Curry ($14.50), which I tried on my second visit.  The Green Chicken Curry came with rice (as most main dishes) and with SO MUCH chicken and sauce that I just had to order some roti ($3.50) to finish it off (that’s how good it was!) – can’t seem to find my photo of the roti :(.

Another one to try is their Tom Yum ($14.50) that had an abundance of juicy prawns and a perfect balance of sweet and sour (so says another law student).

Addition: On a separate occasion after I sent this off to the publishers, I had the Gapi Fried Rice (forgot to note the price) as mentioned in this post.  

phone photo

Normally I don’t order fried rice when I’m out (Asian pride thing I think) but I made an exception because the use of apple in this dish intrigued me.  The apples made this dish quite refreshing and the separating all the ingredients on the plate meant that it not only looked good to the eye when it came out (and you could see exactly what was in the dish!), but it meant that the apple strips remained crisp and crunchy even after you mixed it together.  Very filling and satisfying.

Now don’t forget to give their Thai Milk Ice Tea a go too!  Served in what looks more like a bowl than a cup, it a sweet accompaniment to any meal!

Loved how it was served in a little bowl too!

 Middle Fish also has lunch specials now so if you haven’t done so already, set a lunch date to check it out! Probably a good time now since there’ll be less students around…

Distance from law school: 3 minutes walk

Opening hours: Mon- Fri: 7am – 5pm; Sat-Sun: 10am-4pm

Price Range: ~$4.00 for drinks, $15-$25 per meal. A bit outside what I’d usually spend on a regular student lunch but it’s a pleasant change to the usual sandwich, sushi or salad every once in a while :).

Middle Fish  on Urbanspoon


I admit it.  I’ve got Facebook withdrawal symptoms.  Been reading and commenting on a few blogs here and there to make up for the lack of social networking so decided I needed to make a contribution too lol.

No random questions tonight… just hope you’ve all had a good start to the week :).

♥ Ames

18 thoughts on “Checking out Middle Fish, Carlton

  1. I have Facebook withdrawal symptoms too, Ames. You’re not alone! Nice blog review. I wish I had the time to visit the city. It feels like I haven’t explored the food there in so long. Oh well, after exams – most definitely!

    1. Thanks Sophie :). Glad to know I’m not the only one lol yes, this meet-up after exams is starting to become a must-do! Do you have any places in mind you want to try? xo

    1. Oh I deactivated my Facebook account for concentration purposes during SWOTVAC but it seems to have backfired on me >.<

    1. Do give it a try and let me know your thoughts, Vien :). It’s not often I’ll go more than three times to the same restaurant (with the abundance of eateries around Melb, I’m always on a look out to try something new) but Middle Fish is a place I know I can always fall back on :). It’s almost home-like for me now lol! Stay warm!

    1. You should definitely give it a go when you are next in Melbourne :). I’ll even volunteer to be foodie guide hehe

      Love the Tips and Tricks on your site! Thanks for visiting, Tania! Hope you have a great day :)

  2. Haha I have deactivated my facebook account too, so I can focus on my final assignment. It’s helped a bit, but the problem is that I also have access to my bf’s facebook account so I am STILL able to stalk our mutual friends :p I’m terrible.

    I love Middle Fish. Haven’t had the chance to try their lunch specials as I’m usually at work during the uni week but I’ll definitely visit for some comforting winter curries if I finish work early on a Wednesday and still have time to kill before my evening class :)

    1. Yeah, I’ve just been substituting Facebook with Instagram… not good >.< All best the best for your final assignment Libby and hope you'll find time to warmed up by a Middle Fish curry soon ^^.

    1. You should definitely try and pay it a visit, Leaf! It’s most certainly crosses the good Thai line (if there is a line to cross…). Sorry for the late reply!

    1. Yes it does leave you feeling very warm and happy after a visit :). I do love Momo Sushi too! It was such a welcomed addition to the food selection near law school and I know they have really good business there! So glad that there’s more choice around now :).

  3. I’ve heard so much about Middle Fish :) But haven’t had the chance to go because they don’t open on the weekends I think and after work I’m usually rushing off and don’t stay in the CBD or suburbs near by buttttttt i really want to try the food so i’ve gotta make an effort and hike there some time :) Especially want the Thai Milk tea hehe

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