Temporary Absence

I don’t know about you, but at the end of a good catch up with a friend, we’ll usually work out when we’ll see each other next.  In the same way, I feel like it’s only manners to say that I really really need to disappear for the next little while (just until 22nd June!) in order to concentrate on my studies… I find it hard to read blog posts without leaving a comment or feeling the need to post myself… I feel it’s like listening to a friend talk and then ignoring them if I don’t… so I guess, it’s adios for now.  You can find me on Instagram (@amyaprilgirl) until then ;).  I’ve hopped onto FatMumSlim’s Photo A Day challenge again so I’m sure that will be enough fun for the time being :D.

1 June - Morning
To the students out there, best wishes for your exams!  Everyone else, take care and stay warm and healthy!  See you in 20 days – yep, counting down already ;).

♥ Ames

12 thoughts on “Temporary Absence

  1. ALL THE BEST for your exams too, Ames!! It’s always hard this time of year/semester for all of us to pry ourselves away from blogs but gambateh! May you have another smashing end of semester. Peace! =)

    1. Thank you thank you, Winston! And yes to catching up next semester :D Hope you smash those exams!!

  2. Oh, I remember these times of exam-take-over-y-ness! Well done for prioritising, and we’ll all be here waiting happily when you choose to come back :)

    1. Cheers Hannah :). Your kind words make me appreciate once again why I love the blogging community ^^. Will be back soon ;).

    1. Thanks CCC :). Your comments always make me smile ^^

      Best wishes for whatever assessments you might have at the moment!

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