GC Grazing feat. MOS Burger + Mövenpick, Surfers Paradise

Today’s lovely weather inspired me to finally get around to writing about some of the places we grazed at while up at the Gold Coast (GC) earlier this year :).  I’ve had the photos edited months ago (hence you’ll see some discrepancy in the watermarking), so if you’re ready, take a trip down memory lane with me, to a much warmer place…

It was a beautiful GC morning.  The sun was out, the sky was blue.  Perfect day for Surfers Paradise!

I forget why but for some reason Ant (our driver for the day) had decided to park on the other end of the beach but because the weather was so nice, there were no complaints as we walked and talked for the length of the beach.  The boys were hungry as I recall and suggested we grab a bite first so after a bit of wandering around, we found ourselves at…

MOS Burger is the second largest fast food franchaise in Japan (after McDonalds – says wiki) that opened a store or two in Brisbane before setting it’s sights on world domination! OK, maybe not world domination but they do aim to open up 30 outlets in the next five years across Australia.  I wonder why they chose Brisbane… for the tourists factor perhaps? Anyway, to the food!

As the name suggests, burgers are star of the menu.  You pretty much choose your burger, whether you want chips and drink, pay (of course lol) and then wait for them to bring it out to you.  I liked how you could see exactly what was in the burger on the menu… or maybe I just like pictures.

phone photo

I didn’t take any notes (and admittedly that’s not the greatest photo) so I can’t be certain but I’m pretty sure if I saw Waggu Beef Cheese Burger on the menu, I would have picked that.  I do remember really enjoying my burger, the meat was juicy and the bun wasn’t too dry which I find is a common flaw with fast food.   The chips were alright, nothing special.  The berry drink was just right, not too sweet and actually pretty cool because it had actual blueberries floating inside (I know, I’m easily amused…).  So in total, the meal (which was very filling btw) cost me about $10.40 (that burger is the most expensive one on the menu) so it’s not your everyday kind of fast food (but you shouldn’t be eating fast food all the time anyway…) but it’s definitely satisfying and if and when it does come down to Melbourne, I’d be keen to give it ago – especially those rice burgers!

MOS Burger Surfers Paradise on Urbanspoon


And we’re back!  After lots of sand and water, a dodge Nandos stop (seriously, didn’t know guys ate that much!) we braced ourselves for the long walk back… but not before I dragged them to Mövenpick!

I’ve passed Mövenpick stores before in Melbourne but never got any ice-cream from them so if not on holiday, when right?

I asked the staff member for a recommendation and without skipping a beat, she suggested… and here’s where my memory is a bit hazy ^^’ I’m pretty sure it was Caramelita or the Salted Butter Caramel…

Either way, it was smooth and creamy, just the way you’d think Swiss ice-cream should taste like :).  A lovely way to end a day catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones :). They’ve just opened a Mövenpick outside Box Hill Centro and my mum showed me this Buy One Get One Free voucher (from one of those free Chinese magazines lol) so I’ll be getting me some more Mövenpick soon no matter what the weather is like hehe

OK, I’ll leave it there for now!  Will be back after my last essay is due (10 more days!!) to hopefully continue on with the GC Grazing :).  Take care til then and stay warm Melbournians!

Question: What overseas/interstate restaurant or food joint did you enjoy so much that you would like to see it come to your hometown?*

♥ Ames

*I have no power to make it happen but just wanted to hear your suggestions for more foodie adventures in the future :D.

27 thoughts on “GC Grazing feat. MOS Burger + Mövenpick, Surfers Paradise

  1. I’m so sad I didn’t get to go to Mos Burger last time I was in Surfers…but I did manage to see part of that sand sculpting on the beach. :) Would have loved to go to Surfers right now, it’s SOOO cold in Melbourne. :((

    1. I didn’t even know it existed until the locals brought me there but hopefully you’ll get to try them when they get down to Melb… which I hope will be soon! What I would give to be on the coast right now… I’m learning the benefits of wearing socks to bed lately hehe

    1. Hey Shellie :) Saw Dome when I was in Perth however didn’t get to try it… just Googled their menu and wish I did, so much variety for breakfast!! Thanks for the recommend :).

  2. I remember MOS burger being really good when I tried it, especially the juicy and tasty Teriyaki chicken burger. I recently got to try it on my holiday in Asia and it was as good as I remembered! I don’t know whether if it was readily available I would think the same!

    1. Oh wow, are they all over Asia already? I didn’t realise they had already started their world domination hehe
      Glad you enjoyed it, April and if they ever make it down to Melb (or in the alternative I go back to GC) I will keep in mind to try the Teriyaki Chicken Burger :). Thanks for the recommend!

  3. Ah MOS Burger! Ah Surfers Paradise! Ah warm weather!

    It’s only been a week since I left but I miss the GC already! WAH! Your post brought back a lot of good memories and I can’t wait for my next weekend on the GC.

    1. Woohoo, definitely loved the warm weather :). How was your trip to GC? So good that you have an excuse to go up there so often ;).

  4. IT’S MOS BURGER! So happy that MOS burger opened up in Australia!!!! Hahahah next chance you get to go, try the rice burgers, and get the corn soup, minestrone soup and MOS chicken.

    I want to eat MOS burger now ahhhhhh.

    1. WHOA, you seem to know MOS Burger very well hehe! I wish they would hurry up and come to Melb, I want that rice burger NOW! XD

    1. I was very impressed by those guys! I don’t think I would have enough patience to create them… Seriously got to cash in that Movenpick voucher ASAP :D

  5. Lots of people have been raving about MOS but I have yet to try their burgers! hmm.. I would definitely try that okonomiyaki burger!!! hehe I’m a sucker for okonomiyakis :P

    1. I just want to try it all :D. hope your exams went well, Vien and hope you have a great time back home :).

  6. Wow, wonderful pics!
    I really like the beach ones particularly, and the food ones of course too.
    First thing that came to mind when you mentioned food, funnily enough, was Milo.
    And I’d like it if Milo was available as a drink choice at fast food places. Like Malaysia and Singapore.

    1. Hey thanks!
      Milo would be cool to have at fast food places but wouldn’t they then make regular hot/iced chocolate vendors redundant? Funny how Malaysia and Singapore has it but Australia doesn’t given that it’s originally an Australian product lol

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