my day off… so far.

After climbing into bed at 5am this morning only to wake up a few hours later shivering in my bed (coldest Melbourne morning of the year apparently!), I decided I needed to take a day off to rest my essay-weary body.  I tried to take another nap after I checked through for spelling/grammar mistakes before resubmitting my essay (yay for online submissions!) however, as the sun was filtering through the blinds, I just had to get up and make the most of the sunlight :).  I went out into the yard and decided to take my #photoadayJune photo (you get to see it before Instagram does!):

Day 12 – From a Low Angle [f 5.6,1/1600].  No filter, people!  Just gorgeous sunlight and creation singing praises to the heavens :).

Then I proceeded to cook myself an eggcellent brunch (Instagram-ed):

fluffy pillows of scrambled eggs w/half a seasoned and smashed avocado and ham on multigrain bread = YUM!

Watched the latest Wongfu Productions web series, Away We Happened (see first episode below):

And then just visited my favourite foodie blogs to catch myself up on what’s been happening around the blog-o-sphere :).

*happy sigh*

It’s good to take a break :) Think I’m going to go do some housework.

Might be back later tonight for another post… potential title: GC Snack Wrapup ;).

♥ Ames

P.S. Thanks to those lovely people who’ve left comments while I’ve been absence (you know who you are)… you keep this little blog alive ^^ *hugsandkisses*

7 thoughts on “my day off… so far.

  1. Ohh yes, you’re right. Breaks are great. And glad to see you know when to take one to just enjoy the simple things. What better way to re-coop. And yes, I’ve been following the Away We Happened series too… Pretty awesome! Have fun! =D

    1. Indeed! They just released the latest episode too, yay! Hope things and going well down your end too :).

    1. I love having seen them do so well after following them from their early days and they are definitely really good story tellers :). It was a good break, now to get back into fight mode !

    1. It is such a cute story! Seems a bit predictable but maybe that’s what the fans want… *shrugs* Cheers, dear! Are you finished yet? And have you chosen a place for our next date? ;)

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