Photography: dew drops

After two weeks of full-time work, I’m knackered.  Probably hasn’t helped that I’ve been going out every night for the past week lol.  Sometimes, you gotta just take a night off and do nothing.  Or perhaps do all the things you’ve been putting off i.e. dishes and laundry.  It’s also been a while since I’ve downloaded photos from my camera to edit and display.  With the onset of exams, I slowly fell off my Project365 wagon and for some reason can’t get back into the swing of things *sigh*.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some photos that I took one morning a few weeks ago.  Back then, I was enthusiastic about finding a shot for the #photoadayJune challenge – “close-up” was the prompt so I chose dew drops to be my subject.  Here they are unedited (mostly because I can’t be bothered) so please excuse some of the ‘out of focus-ness’…

Also trying out the Gallery feature for the first time… thoughts?

Have a restful weekend everyone :).

♥ Ames

6 thoughts on “Photography: dew drops

  1. Gallery feature is nice but I always prefer to have the pictures big and in your face cause I’m lazy to click (which is why my blog is much messier than yours HAHA). But I did for this post, don’t worry. The photos are fantastic, keep up the good work!

  2. I understand what you mean by getting lazy and following the 30 day photograph challenge, that’s why I’ve been unsuccessful in doing the 365/366 photo-a-day! But I did it for the month of May, and that was good enough for me, haha. Hope you’ve been well, Ames!

    1. I blame it on my break from Facebook lol I was quite diligent beforehand :). Good on you for doing it for May though, I loved keeping up with your photos on Instagram :). Hope you’ve been well too, Soph! Catch you soon ;).

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