bittersweet afternoon at Dessert Story, CBD

Lately, the end of a uni semester brings with it mixed emotions.  Though I’m always elated that I don’t have to take an exam or attend classes for the next few months, it also means that my uni days are being numbered.  I’m on the brink of heading out into the real world and I’m not certain what the future will hold.  It also means that I’m saying goodbye to some of the lovely people of whom I’ve crossed paths with during my uni stint.  One of the people I recently sent off was Ms L. who had been on exchange from the US.  I’ve only known her for a short period of time but have loved her warmth, her smile, her faith and her friendship.  So having recovered from the exam period, I set an afternoon tea date with Ms L. before she headed back to the States :).  Since we had both wanted to visit Dessert Story there was no better time than the present…

It was a Saturday afternoon and the Swanston St store was packed.  We quickly grabbed a table as a group left and set about perusing the menu (we later went to the counter to order).

Loved how there were photos of the food but there was too much to choose from!  When it comes to food, I generally have a bad habit of never knowing what to get unless I go on recommendations so thankfully Ms. E was also on hand to help out :).

Really liked the clever bookshelf wallpaper :)

With Ms. E’s help, we chose one of the dishes from the Taro Ball series (~$6.00 from memory and sorry can’t remember which one).

When this arrived, we had to double-check with the waiter that this was indeed what we had ordered.  It looked nothing like the photo in the menu and what Ms. E had ordered previously!  But of course that was because we’d decided to choose the ‘Hot’ version (as opposed to the ‘Cold’ that Ms. E had last time) so most of the taro balls, pearls etc. had sunk to the bottom lol

Here’s some of what was beneath the surface!

This dish was alright, but nothing spectacular.  Moving on…

I really couldn’t pass by these glutenous rice balls!  If my memory serves me well (I really need to start taking notes lol!) the ones in the ginger soup were $5.00 and I decided to mix both sesame and peanut balls :D.

Only issue with having a mix of both is that you can’t work out which one is which… I guess if you’re a fan of surprises it works well but because we were sharing, I wanted to make sure we all got to taste one of each :).

Personally, my favourite was the sesame seed ones.  Not too sweet but full in flavour :).  Just make sure you bite into it slowly or it can burn the tongue!

The last dish came highly recommended by both Ms. E and Fatboo so it was a must-try… and boy, am I glad we did!  The Green Tea Snow Ice w Red Bean and Chocolate ($8.90) was fluffy and just a pure delight!  I enjoyed the texture of the shavings of green tea ice-cream and the generous servings of red beans complimented it very well.  Definitely a winning dish!

So there you have it :).  I was glad to share some of Ms. L’s favourite memories of Melbourne and treat her to some Taiwanese/HK desserts :).  Hopefully, the next time I go to Dessert Story, it won’t be bittersweet but sweet all the way instead.

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Question:  What’s a bittersweet memory that you’ve had related to food? (bit random, but I guess these questions always are!)

♥ Ames

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23 thoughts on “bittersweet afternoon at Dessert Story, CBD

  1. I tried the Dessert Story shop in Glen Waverley and it looks exactly the same as expected. I also tried the green tea shaved ice, it was SO BIG! Saying it’s big is an understatement. Definitely a dessert to be shared I think. :P And yes, I liked the texture of it as well, seems different to other shaved ice desserts I’ve had.

  2. The Green Tea Snow Ice w Red Bean and Chocolate looks suitably epic! If it weren’t so cold, I’d want some now.

    I have a preference for homemade glutinous rice balls (call me spoilt), and I would have preferred them to come separately too. I can’t have everything I want though, so I suppose they’ll do :P

    1. It was cold when we ate it and I’d still eat it now haha

      Oh, do you know how to make your own glutinous rice balls? Invite me over sometime ? :P

  3. This must be difficult my friend but you would be an awesome friend – I am sure you can keep in contact :)

    What a gorgeous exotic dessert shop! My family is not into it but I definitely need to visit!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. With Facebook nowadays, it does make things a lot easier :). Do you guys have it up in Sydney? If not, when you visit Melbourne, I’m taking you there :D.

      1. Facebook isn’t the same as face-to-face :( And tsk tsk to you for browsing blogs at work haha

      2. Note the time stamp – it was lunchtime! Also, I was picking up on the semantics of how you wrote your comment, the first sentence leading into the second and making it appear to be a question about whether they have Facebook in Sydney… :P

    1. Kiwi Fruit Snow eh? Sounds interesting :). The snow ones are definitely a bit overwhelming in size so definitely for sharing :). Thanks for visiting over here!

  4. One of my new favourite places for desserts :) I can’t believe i’ve gone so many times yet I haven’t had the chance to blog about it yet LOL once again I’m so lazy not good enough hehe ~

    And I agree the green tea snow ice would have to be one of my favourites too ~

    1. Haha nah I wouldn’t say lazy… just time-poor like the rest of us :D

      I’ve yet to return but keen to go back again once uni starts hehe

    1. You should go, Julie!! Definitely worth the wait even if it’s just for the novelty factor :D sesame thingys are good ;)

    1. Oh, Hannah! You are a girl after my own foodie heart :D It was good and do swing by Dessert Story if you are ever in Melb!

  5. I love those black sesame glutinous balls but I always find the filling too little and the skin too thick!

    All the best for your last semester at Uni! Don’t worry, the big wide world isn’t too scary :)

    1. I just went by and had them again hehe, personally I found them alright for me in terms of the ratios of skin:filling but do agree that the skin could have been thinner…

      Thanks for the well wishes, April! Hoping to make the most of the last semester and I think at the end of it all, I should be ready to take on the real world :).

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