Photography: That weekend in Coolum, QLD

Hi all :).  Been getting things sorted after returning from an amazing national campus leaders summit up at Coolum, QLD.  It was a weekend I will never forget, gleaning wisdom from past decades of campus ministries and catching a vision for the future… more thoughts on that will be added here.

Well before I share a few nature shots from the weekend, a big shout-out needs to be given to the fantastic cooks at Luther Heights Youth Camp!  I’ve been to my fair share of camps over the years as have many of people I attended the summit with and it was unanimous that the kitchen team at Luther Heights made the best camp food that we’ve ever tasted!  Here’s a sample of what they cooked up:

Clockwise: Lasagne, Nachos, Schnitzel, Beef Burger… so good!
Scrumptious Apple Crumble!

If you are after a lovely location with good camp food in Qld, look up Luther Heights!

Alright, so unfortunately for us the weather was not the greatest with 2/3 days looking like this:

foggy and humid… not a nice combination.

But we had a chance to check out a local beach…

very rocky…
the view from a higher vantage point :)

Some interesting greenery on the way back to the camp site…

From someone’s garden – a bit blurry (taken on the phone camera)
I call them water jewels :)

On our last day, the sun finally came out!

Blue skies at last!

We caught some sun flare…

<3 <3

Saw a boat… (is this called a tug boat?)

Was impressed by the innovation…

no sandy taps… because there are no taps!

And I got distracted by the sky on the drive to the airport…

A masterpiece
The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. – Psalm 19:1

Hope the high schoolers are having a great first week back and the uni kids are enjoying the last week of freedom!

Also before I forget, the winner of the 1st blog-o-birthday giveaway is… Choc Chip Uru!! *throws confetti*


Shall be in contact to send out your little thank-you present :) Thanks to everyone else who entered for your ongoing support!

Will be back soon with a foodie post soon ;).

♥ Ames

14 thoughts on “Photography: That weekend in Coolum, QLD

  1. Hey Ames :) I’m so jealous that you got to go on a holiday…everyone is going away lately while i’m stuck here at work lol I really shouldn’t complain buttttttt i wanna go on a holiday too :P

    1. Thanks Caralyn :). It was an amazing weekend, you should visit us over in Australia if you get a chance :).

    1. I think food and nature are my two favourite photography subjects :D. Thanks as always, CCU! You are one of my foodie inspirations so glad give you a small token of my appreciation :).

  2. Ow jealous! I’ve never been to Sunnie Coast despite my frequent trips to Queensland! Need to book a weekend there as soon as I can because I’ve heard great things about the region.

    Ah good ol’ camp food. Yes, I do agree that what you had looks pretty good!

    1. You really should give the Sunny Coast a go, Libby! I didn’t get to explore it much but what I did see what gorgeous! Hopefully you’ll get better weather than we did last weekend ;).

    1. True true, Jenny :). Thankfully Melbourne is warming up lately… can’t wait for Spring and then Summer !! :D

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