The view around Warran Glen, Warrandyte

It’s been a busy week but what else is new?  Sometimes, I wonder if life will ever slow down but as was the message this weekend, “It’s all about enjoying the trip because in actuality the destination is a moving target.   You think that when I get to this stage, then I’ll be happy.  Or you think that when I’ll be less busy, then I’ll have time to do what’s really important.  But really when we get there, there is always something else. So just enjoy the journey.  The road trip is part of the fun of it :).”  Selah.

Anyhow, as mentioned on the sidebar –> I’ve decided to try a new routine of:

  1. Review
  2. Recipe
  3. Photography

We’re onto the photography run of this blogging wheel so here is Part 2 of my ode to Warran Glen (see Part 1 here), that lovely place down in Warrandyte :).

I took way too many photos and had to cut many out of this set, so I decided to go with the Gallery format again.  It put me in a good mood when I reviewed them before so hope they bring a smile to your face too :).

Hope you had a lovely weekend and have a great start to a new week :).

♥ Ames

21 thoughts on “The view around Warran Glen, Warrandyte

      1. I can’t see myself getting one anytime soon lol… house deposit and investment and noms… looks like it’ll have to continue to be the iPhone4 for my food pics lol

      2. iPhone4 is pretty good quality wise I must admit so that’s a temporary solution I suppose :D I can’t go back to a regular point-and-shoot though… the difference is so drastic!

    1. Thanks Daisy :D It’s a bit of trial and error at first but can give you a few pointers when we meet! Can’t wait XD

  1. Reviews, recipes, photography…mmm…sounds like my kind of routine. :D

    Love your photos! SLRs are the best. :)

    You know that last photo, I almost read it as ‘feed the kids, to the ducks’! OMG Ok, so that’s not what it said. Phew.

    1. Haha, yeah it’s something I hope I can stick to somewhat… makes easier to decide what to post if you have some kind of routine :).

      Thanks for your encouragements re: photos! Just had a look at that last photo again and it could easily be misread haha they should make it clearer I think :D.

    1. Thanks, Adrian! Totally agree with you about nature and friends – best subjects to photograph too :). Thanks for visiting!

    1. Yep, sometimes one just needs to get away and relax – this would be a perfect spot to take a break from reality, Penny :). Hope you get a chance to come down here soon!

  2. That is a very balanced routine.
    And your photography is awesome!!! This place is beautiful…thanks for sharing so many pictures :)

    1. Thanks, Abeer :). I hope I’ll get to go out more now that it’s almost spring in Australia and take some more photos of nature :).

  3. Hi Ames,

    As owner of Warran Glen, thanks for the review and commentary. I appreciate your experience and happy you share it. Always looking to improve, so please keep the feedback coming. Great job with the photos.

    1. Hi Nick,

      Thank you for your comment and I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos :). You really have a lovely place over there and I really had a great experience at my last visit! I look forward to coming down again some time soon.

      Best wishes,


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