The Foodie Dream Realised – Le Petit Gateau, CBD

Hello hello!  Hope you are all well :).  Sprained my ankle yesterday which was no fun but was so thankful to have friends around me to assist and get me home! Thank you, lovely people – you know who you are ;).

The thing with being out of action is that you don’t feel like really doing anything that requires too much brain energy… so though, uni work remains on the desk, I thought it was time to make good on my blogging routine promise – though a few days later than scheduled ^^’.

A few weeks ago I got this message:

So per doctor’s orders, on a rainy and cold Melbourne day last week, I set about rectifying the situation ;).  Since I was on placement in the city, and after being thoroughly impressed by the various photos appearing on my Instagram feed and Daisy’s post, there seemed like no better place to catch up than Le Petit Gateau!

As the description says… hand crafted chocolate display!!

I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of the exterior but you’ll just have to imagine with me the excitement I had when I saw that little sign that hangs above the entrance… there’s just something so special about finally making it to the place that you’ve been hearing and reading about for so long :).

all photos taken on Samsung Galaxy SII

It was my first time there but my friend (we shall call him Mr KO hehe) who’d come before and is of Malaysian origin, informed me that the chefs here have served the Malaysian Prime Minister (there was also a letter on the wall to prove it) so it was kinda cool to think that we’re eating the cakes of the prestigious ;).

But first things first – a proper savoury lunch.

Beetroot, Pumpkin and Feta Salad (~$7.00)

After reading Daisy‘s post, I knew I would definitely have this salad for lunch. Beetroot, pumpkin, feta and spinach is one of my favourite combinations and the pine nuts just added that crunch to each bite, while the dressing was light and not overly sour or sweet.  Mr. KO had a pie (I forget which one) which he said he liked (I resisted the urge to take a photo since I thought I was already embarrassing him enough by gushing over the food hehe).  I thought the pot of sauce on the side was cute too!

Onto the main events!  Mr KO let me choose the cakes so after perusing the display, I picked out these two…

Honestly, I’m not much into very rich desserts so I liked the sound of this cake which was on special – from memory, it was a banana and ginger cake topped with mandarin jelly and chocolate ($8.00) :).  I liked the smooth banana cream on top and the cake itself was very light.  Mr. KO liked this one which was fortunate because in spite of my general preference for fruity-type cakes, the Brownie & Passionfruit Chocolate Gateau ($8.50) was the clear winner for me:

All I could think as I was savouring the flavours was “pure indulgence on a plate”.  The combination of the brownie base, crunchy praline, passionfruit custard, chocolate mousse, covered with the chocolate ganache and topped with the mango square left both Mr. KO and I speechless for quite some time!  I liked the balance between the rich mousse and the tangy taste of the passionfruit custard :).

Overall, I had a truly lovely experience there and would be keen to go back and try out some of the other cakes – perhaps one for a birthday in the future? ;)  Thanks Mr. KO for the catch up and making a foodie dream come true! :D

Mona Lisa display was made entirely out of sugar!

Le Petit Gateau

458 Little Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

(03) 9944 8893

Le Petit Gateau on Urbanspoon


In other foodie related news, do you remember my Juice that fights for you post?  Well, I was pleasantly surprised to be notified that:

Yayness!  I had enjoyed trying out the juice and had lots of fun writing the post too so it was a bonus for Golden Circle to like it too :D.  For other Nuffnangers, if you want to try the product out for yourself, I saw that there is a second opportunity to do so :).

Also, special shoutouts to Daisy @nevertoosweet and Vien @wedarefood!  Thanks for a lovely meet-up over Nando’s the other day :).  It’s always such a pleasure to meet other food bloggers and find out how much you differ but also how much you have in common.  Food definitely brings people together :).

Have a great weekend everyone!

Question: What was your latest foodie dream come true? Can be product/restaurant/cooking experience related :).

♥ Ames

39 thoughts on “The Foodie Dream Realised – Le Petit Gateau, CBD

  1. I can’t stop thinking about the passionfruit brownie one…. so decadent right? :D
    hmm.. not recent but best foodie come true was definitely successfully making my own macarons!!!!!

    1. Indeed, Vien! Have you had it before yourself? If not, definitely try it! You will not be disappointed :D.

      Wow, that would be a foodie dream come true! I’ve been wanting to try making my own macarons for so long but haven’t got the courage (or time) to try them yet… this summer break for sure!

    1. Actually, when I was posting it I thought that you would totally love this place, CCU! Definitely on the foodie agenda if you ever visit Melbourne :). Ankle is slowly recovering – thanks for asking :).

  2. Wow! That chocolate display has me speechless…i dont think i have ever seen anything as intricate ad that!!!
    I would have been in heaven if i was at this place…thanks for taking so many pics :)

    Hope your ankle gets better :)

    1. Thanks for visiting and your comment, Cakewhiz! Love your blog :).
      Being the cake whiz that you are, I’m sure you would enjoy this place too :).


  3. Hello Amy :)

    Definitely nice to meet up with you and Vien the other day ~ It’s always nice to put a face to a blog hehe!

    Oh no I really hope you’re ankles heals well :( I know from experience how painful it can be! Lots of rest and ice-packs ~

    I’m glad you enjoyed your experience at LPG, definitely one of my favourite dessert places in Melbourne hehe hahaha you resisted and didn’t get the Salted Caramel Profiterole? :P

    Hmmm think I’ve gotta go back again sometime soon, getting cravings again :P

    1. Hi Daisy! I will quote Vien and say that blogger meet-ups are ‘good for the soul’ :D

      Yeah, I thought I was fine to start walking on it again since the swelling has gone down but just wiki-ed it (as you do) and it looks like I should be resting it a lot longer :S

      I missed out on the Salted Caramel Profiterole as there weren’t any there but next time if they make it for sure! Glad I got to finally try LPG though, my cake standards have soared up high :D.

    1. Hey Libby! Oooo, will have to try the hazelnut millefeuille next time!

      I am feeling better today, thanks! Hope you are well too :). xo

    1. Thanks, Ms I-Hua! Can’t wait to get pampered up ;). Yeah, I’m a bit slow onto the LPG train but now there’s no going back… and that’s a good thing :).

  4. lol i ain’t ever been to Liquefied Petroleum Gas but I’ve heard good things lol, hrmmm passion fruit and dark chocolate hey??? Say that inspires me to do something with passionfruit and dark or milk chocolate… >:D

    1. Liquefied Petroleum Gas, how original of you ;)

      Passionfruit and chocolate is a winning combo no matter what type of chocolate you use I think :)

    1. Thanks Jan :). I’m so glad I picked the passionfruit brownie – definitely going back for more next time ;).

  5. The passion-fruit brownie is the best cake in the world (maybe I’ll add pop-rocks and cement its status). Can’t wait to try and make it myself when I can squirrel away some time away from work :P

    Hope your ankle heals soon!

    1. Hehe yea Mr. KO puts up a bit of a swagger front but I know that deep down he is a bit of a sweetheart of a guy ^^

    1. Recovering well thanks, Adrian :). Desserts can brightest even the gloomiest Melbourne day :). Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I didn’t event know this place did savoury foods! I guess just can’t take my eyes off the cakes every time I come in, anything else just turns into a blur. Oops, sounds like so serious sugar cravings to control :)

    1. They only have a small selection since the desserts are the main event but still it means that you don’t have to go somewhere else first to get filled up :). The sweets are quite distracting and I think if I didn’t have a hungry friend in tow I would have missed the savoury offerings too ;). Thanks for visiting!

  7. I’ve been wanting to go there for the longest time! I remember there was a Entertainment Book least it was in there last year…must make my way there, the desserts look SO beautiful. I also didn’t know they did savoury dishes as well, score. ;)

    1. They are so clever, aren’t they? That chocolate sun and moon was pretty cool too :). Ankle is still a bit stiff but getting there, thanks Julie!

    1. I used to feel a sense of longing when I saw people carrying those boxes but now that I’ve tried them, I smile when I see them hehe :D I wouldn’t mind a passionfruit brownie right now either!

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