Oriental Teahouse Strawberry & Cream Tea – dessert in a cup!

With Spring officially here on this side of the world, I was hoping to take some happy snaps of the flowers in bloom :).  However, each time I was ready to head out with the SLR, the clouds would gather and the rain would fall… not ideal photography weather for an amateur (and now that I sit down to write this post, the sun is high and bright lol!).

So, what to do?  Turn the camera on tea of course ;).

Without a good coffee machine, I’m definitely more of a tea person when at home so I was delighted to be given an opportunity to try out Oriental Teahouse’s Strawberry and Cream Tea!

Got a bit squished in the mail…

I visited Oriental Teahouse on a whim once a few months ago and quite enjoyed my Relaxing Tea, so I was eager to open the box and try this new flavour :).

Can you feel my anticipation??

Inside the bag was a combination of dried strawberry pieces, apple pieces, hibiscus, rose-hip peel, pineapple cubes, elderberry & flavouring which together gave off a lovely fragrant aroma!  It was exactly what I’d imagine a strawberry and cream tea to smell like :D.

Imagine if we could send smells via our blogs?? :P
I’m inhaling the fragrance as I type this hehe…

The first time I brewed the tea, I used one of those Chinese mugs with a filter that my parents have had for more than 10 years.  Given the origin of Oriental Teahouse’s owner, David Zhou, it seemed appropriate :).

After I sniffed it to my heart’s content (this sounds so wrong somehow!), I took a tentative sip, then another sip, then another sip… and well, you know how the rest of the story goes ;).  It’s not for everyone – my mum who is used to her milk tea or green tea, wasn’t a fan – however, I quite liked the refreshing hints of strawberries and apples in my mug!  I like mine with a teaspoon of sugar :).

The next time I tried it I brewed it in an Infusion teapot (this is really just an excuse to try out different photography angles hehe)…

2 teaspoons for 360ml of boiling water as per the instructions on the box ^^
Tried it in a glass this time (after some cooling of course)…

What I think is pretty nifty is that after you’ve brewed the tea (you can refill your mug at least 3 times with the same tea), the delicious ingredients can be eaten as well!

Another plus for me is that this tea is caffeine free so I can enjoy it after hours without being prevented from a good night’s sleep :).

Nice with a homemade mixed berry muffin too ^^ – recipe soon!

As the weather gets warmer, I’m keen to try it with ice and fresh strawberries with a dollop of cream – the perfect pretty Spring drink! :D

Thanks Nuffnang and Oriental Teahouse for giving me an opportunity to review this delightful fruity dessert treat in a teacup!  You can purchase this tea along with another 50+ types in-store or online here.  If you visit Oriental Teahouse Restaurant though, they can match it up with innovative food & dumplings as well!  Hope you get to try it yourselves soon :).

Oriental Teahouse links:

This has been a Product Talk review sponsored by Nuffnang.

Question:  What’s your favourite tea flavour?

♥ Ames

21 thoughts on “Oriental Teahouse Strawberry & Cream Tea – dessert in a cup!

  1. Great review!! I love tea but not more than my Mum. That woman loves her tea like nobody’s business. Will have to take her to Oriental Teahouse. I suspect we may be there for hours… Haha!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Winston! Coming from you, it means a lot :). Oh, I hope you and your mum with enjoy your time at Oriental Teahouse! I’m keen to go and try some of the other types of tea :).

  2. I like em green, jasmine, chamomile, chrysanthemum and stuff… hrmmm strawberries, need a punnet for cooking purposes soon… after exams

    1. Thanks for your unwavering support, CCU :) I hope you get to try it yourself one day! Or better yet, come down to Melb and I’ll brew you a cuppa :D

  3. Ohh teaaaaaaa ~ and strawberry tea too :) definitely great paired up with homemade muffin lucky duck for getting to try it ~ I haven’t had the chance to visit Oriental Teahouse yet, but I can’t wait to go! Btw we have the exact same glass set at home hehe

    1. Hey Daisy! Yep, I’m thankful to get to try it ^^

      It was definitely a nice way to end the weekend with a muffin and a strawberry tea :) I look forward to your thoughts on Oriental Teahouse :) And yay for matching glass sets :D

  4. Dear Ames,

    I walked into this place to browse but didn’t have time to dine whilst in Melbourne. This restaurant seems to have a rather unique concept with some interesting tea flavours and I like how the tea can be eaten as well.

    1. Hi Chopinand! Thanks for stopping by :). I agree with you about the unique quality of Oriental Teahouse – this restaurant takes tea to the next level ! Hope you get time to try the tea when you are next in Melbourne :).

  5. Ames :)

    I actually have the same tea – unfortunately I don’t really like it because it’s a bit on the sourish side, even after i add sugar to it :(

    I prefer the natural teas like green tea. I might have to stick to that and stop getting sucked in for those sweet teas ;P It just not meant to be ;(


    1. Hi Peach!

      I did think it was a bit on the sour side but the sugar balanced it out for me… I guess everyone has their preference :). Green tea and peppermint tea are the ones I like to relax with :).

    1. Hi Minnie! I’m glad you like it :) I thank you for your support in the future :). Looking forward to heading over there and checking out your blog now too!

  6. Hi Amy,

    I’m from Melbourne too. Nice to know you thru Choc Chip Uru.

    Strawberry in tea sounds very sweet and refreshing… This will be a very nice drink to enjoy at our current Spring season.

    Now following you at Twitter and Like you at Facebook :D


    1. Hi Zoe,

      Yay, I love meeting fellow Melburnians :D Glad to meet you too!

      It is indeed sweet and refreshing, have you been to Oriental House yet?

      Following you on Twitter now too :).

    1. Hi Dana! Thanks for visiting and your kind words :) It was my honour to share two of my favourite recipes over at CCU’s blog!

      Hope you can get a chance to enjoy a cuppa today :).

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