RMFFA: Kookaberry Syrups on 10-Minute Pancakes + GIVEAWAY!

During the primary/secondary school term, Saturday mornings are a bit of a rush for me because my first piano student comes at 9:30am.  Generally, I throw back an Up-and-Go to last me until 12pm but last week, I was feeling a tad ambitious :P.  There was probably about 20 mins before the first lesson was to begin but I thought I would challenge myself to make pancakes from scratch in 10 minutes!  Why?

I needed a reason to open up another two products from the RMFFA package :D.

Sweet Preserves

Kookaberry – Victoria (Kookaberry Raspberry and Boysenberry Syrup)

Category: SYRUPS AND CORDIALS – Bronze prize

The Kookaberry Strawberry Farm is a family run business, having grown gorgeous berries for 33 years including Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Boysenberries & Logonberries :D.  I’m a bit of a berry-kind of girl so they definitely have my interest, especially since Kookaberry products are 100% Australian grown and made with no preservatives, additives or artificial colours *big thumbs up*.

So how did these fare on the 10-minute pancakes?

Boysenberry (top) and Raspberry (bottom) syrup

What I loved about these syrups were that they weren’t sickly sweet which is always my slight aversion towards syrups in general.  I think the only thing that would have made them better was if I had a scope of ice-cream to go with it :D.

My favourite of the two just came down to a personal preference of boysenberry over raspberry.  Boysenberry used to be my favourite ice-cream flavour when I was growing up (I’ve since branched out to mint, coffee and pandan lol) so the taste brought back fond memories :).

Anyway, here’s the recipe for the 10-minute pancakes that I learnt from my friend, R :).

10-minute Pancakes

As I was on the clock, no photos were taken of the process… but enjoy the photos of the end product :D.

Makes 12 medium-sized pancakes (see below for reference)


  • 2 cups of self-raising flour, sifted
  • 1/3 cup of sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 500 ml of milk
  • oil (I used rice bran oil)
  1. Combine sugar and flour in a large mixing bowl.  Make a well in the middle of the mixture.
  2.  Crack the two eggs into the well, pour in the milk and mix well with a spoon/spatula (good workout for the arm).
  3. Place a medium frying pan on medium heat, lightly coat the pan with oil.
  4. Pour out enough pancake batter to cover the pan and watch for bubbles to rise before flipping.
  5. Top pancakes with whatever you’d like :D.
Look how fluffy those pancakes are! Delish :D

I didn’t get beyond putting together the pancake batter before my first student arrived but after the teaching block was over, I made myself a peanut butter and banana pancake sandwich topped with raspberry syrup…. amazing!

Another photo coz I can ;).

You can find out where these syrups and other Kookaberry products are sold via the Kookaberry website or head down and pick them up at the Royal Melbourne Show starting tomorrow!

Ames tried these products courtesy of the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards and WrightsPR.


As part of the Royal Melbourne Show, there will be a new Tastes of Victoria Pavilion, celebrating all things fresh, local, seasonal and delicious!  This is the destination for speciality produce :D.  The Royal Melbourne Fine Food Deli will also be located there where visitors can sample and purchase award-winning roasted espresso coffee, wine, cured meats, relishes, preserves and cheeses!

Are you excited? If not continue reading…

Find yourself starstruck at the main stage with a chance to meet a range of Australia’s best chefs and TV personalities. Visit the Tastes of Victoria Stage to see half-hour cooking demonstrations from celebrity chefs and industry professionals. This year, we are thrilled to announce Guy Grossi in our stage line up along with some favourite’s from Masterchef, including Chris Badenoch, Dani Venn and from the latest series Alice Zaslavsky.

Also on Stage will be some of Victoria’s hottest chefs; Matt Wilkinson from Pope Joan, Nicky Riemer from Union Dining, Jerry Mai from Dandelion, Scott Eddington from Mamasita, Travis McAuley from Hellenic Republic and Michael Patrick from San Telmo.

– see more info here

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to the preview event but the guys at WrightsPR were kind enough to provide me with a double pass to go visit another time… and you know what?  You, dear readers get a chance to win a double pass as well!

So, how do you score yourself two tickets to check out the Tastes of Victoria Pavilion and other food offerings??

Simply follow yours truly on Twitter or Facebook (if you haven’t already) and answer the question below:

What topping or filling do you like to have with your pancakes?

You can leave a different answer to this question as many times throughout the competition to increase your chances of winning but max once per day.
  • Competition ends: 8pm, 24th September (Mon) – NOW CLOSED
  • Open to Australian residents only (well, Victorians really unless you are willing to fly in for the Melbourne Show!).
  • The winner will be selected at random and notified by email and on this post!
Best wishes for the giveaway!  If you don’t want to enter the giveaway but want to leave a comment, that’s ok too (just say so in the comment hehe).
Have a fantastic weekend!  Maybe you can try these 10-minute pancakes sometime ^^

♥ Ames

UPDATE: The winner of the giveaway is…… SOPHIE of Edible Posts!! :D

Will email you to get your postal details to send the tickets to you :).  Thanks for entering everyone!

18 thoughts on “RMFFA: Kookaberry Syrups on 10-Minute Pancakes + GIVEAWAY!

    1. Great idea! I’ve often tossed the blueberries into the pancake batter but should try them just on top for a change next time :).

  1. When I make pancakes, I usually make my own caramel sauce to have on top. It is so simple to make, just some cream, brown sugar and butter over a simmering saucepan. I just love caramel. You also cannot go past the simple lemon and sugar!

    1. Oh yum! Want to try making the caramel sauce now since it sounds so simple! Thanks for sharing :). I also agree that lemon and sugar is always a winner ;).

  2. I already follow you on twitter n fb! :) hmmm… my favourite topping would be something sweet and indulgent! How about warm chocolate fudge with vanilla ice cream, roasted almonds and blueberries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    But normally, I’d have them with peanut butter and blueberry jam!

    1. Haha, thanks Vien! Ah that combo does sounds super indulgent but also delicious! Almonds and blueberries again… hmmm, must give it a try :).

      Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. At a cafe in Burleigh (Gold Coast) a few weeks ago, I ordered blueberry pancakes with vanilla ice cream on top and requested crispy bacon on the side.

    It was awesome.

    1. *hi5*

      Aww, if you come down to Aust be sure to give these guys a try :). I want to go visit their farm when it’s strawberry picking season! Thanks Nazneen :)

    1. Pancakes and ICE-CREAM :D I just bought some to go with it for tomorrow’s breakfast hehe…. or maybe dinner tonight ;)

  4. Ohhh what a great post and giveaway :) It’s funny you read my mind! I’ve been thinking of pancakes all weekend and was going to make some ~ But never got the chance to damnnn lol

    I love to top my pancakes with LOTS and LOTS of maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream hehe nothing special but it’s just the BEST way to eat pancakes hehe! I’m a bit picky with my maple syrup it has to be the good Canadian one hehe :P

    1. I had Canadian maple syrup for the first time last month and I can understand why you love it so much – makes such a difference! Thanks for sharing, Daisy and I hope you get a chance to make a batch of pancakes soon ^^

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