the big life update

Hey blogging friends!  It’s been very busy down this end as anticipated.

Amongst the many attempts to study and prepare for my final exam and assessments, life has been filled with many wonderful things.  There’s been a stint of independence while the parents were overseas (rocked it), we had our valedictory dinner (Class of 2012 FTW!), I survived teaching three Year 9 lessons (and actually enjoyed it in the end), spontaneous lunches and food exchanges (thanks Soph hehe), a kitchen tea (for the beautiful inside+out Mich) and a ‘final’ birthday celebration (love you lots, Mookxi).

I know these have already appeared on Instagram but aren’t these the cutest??? Gift for Mich’s kitchen tea ^^ The brand is Robert Gordon Australia :)

I wasn’t gonna be back here until after the final assessment was done but so many of you have been on this journey with me that there is a crucial piece of news I knew I couldn’t wait until the end of November to share!

Note: serious, honest and heartfelt stuff ahead

For those who’ve been following this blog for a while you’d know that I had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in a few law firm clerkship programs over last summer and last-last winter. I had a quiet confidence that the odds were for me and there would be at least one job offer at the end of it all and my future would be secure.

Priority offers week came and went.  Though I kept a cheerful disposition, the disappointment affected me more than I thought it would.  The unmet expectation that had been sown into that week in August had emotionally drained me and I was left with the fact that my future was up in the air again.

But God was faithful to provide for me.  Slowly and surely, I got back up on my feet again and started asking around and applying for jobs.  After lots of prayers and perseverance in the last two months, I’m so happy to share the news to the blog world that I’m another step of the way to becoming a lawyer!

In retrospect, this position is really the best fit for me and I’m so glad to be starting next year!  I know some have already heard of this news via the other social media platforms I use but I felt it was important to share it here too with many who have supported me through a word of encouragement or well wishes – THANK YOU.  Every comment left has made a difference and helped me continue to strive for my goal of being an advocate of justice in this world – THANK YOU.

Another connected piece of news is that one of the things I said I would always do once I got a full-time job was sponsor a child through Compassion.  So on the same day that I officially accepted the job, a reminder popped up on Facebook from an inspirational friend of mine who recently became a Compassion Child advocate.  So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you all to my little girl, Beatriz Matilla:

Beatriz is 8 years old and lives with her father. Her duties at home include buying or selling in the market and helping in the kitchen. There are 3 children in the family. Her father occasionally works as a rural worker. Due to low income her family struggles to survive.

Singing, playing house and playing with dolls are Beatriz’s favourite activities. In primary school she is finding learning difficult and she also regularly attends church activities.

Because of the Compassion sponsorship program, Beatriz now has new opportunities to learn and grow physically, mentally, and spiritually!  

This isn’t to toot my own horn but more of a challenge to anyone reading this blog to consider child sponsorship.  It doesn’t have to be through Compassion, there’s so many child sponsorship agencies out there like World Vision, Plan, UNICEF etc.

Sometimes we think that poverty is too big an issue for us to deal with but for the cost of what some of us would spend on food in one week here in Australia, we could support a child’s life for one month and in time, change the course of their lives forever.

Q: Does child sponsorship actually work? 

Click here for a video story from Compassion and you tell me if it does :).

Well, that’s enough from me for now!  Thanks for everyone who has been visiting this blog since my disappearing act – you’ve been one of the reasons why I felt I needed to give this blog an update!

I promise I’ll be back soon!  Take care til then :).

♥ Ames

P.S. Yes, a bit more mention of faith and God in this post so if anyone is feeling a bit uncomfortable, refer to or refresh your memory of this. Cheers ^^

22 thoughts on “the big life update

    1. Thanks darls :) It is an exciting time of life I must admit – one step closer to the goal! See you in S’pore soon ^^

  1. Congrats my friend you deserve this opportunity so so much :D
    Very proud! AND wow, your little girl is adorable, looks like you just keep checking boxes!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Awww, thanks CCU! It is great to have this opportunity now to invest into the life of another so that they can have a better future :). Everyone can make a difference!

  2. After being a very slacking follower, I’m back! You’re on my sidebar on my blog, so I’ll see every time you update!

    This was terrific news. PRAYER WORKS!!!!! I love it! And your little sponsored girl is such a sweetie. My heart is warmed!
    Best of luck with all the great stuff happening!

    1. That’s alright – you were busy having a baby and all that the life event entails :) Glad to have you back though, American Ames :)

      Prayer definitely works, I can testify to that! But more importantly, I think prayer changes us – it has strengthened my faith and shown me just how good God is to provide for those who love Him and call on His name :)

      I saw little Beatriz and knew she was the one for me – I’m looking forward to meeting her one day ^^ Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Cheers Jenny :) Been loving your posts while I’ve been away from blogging myself – truly inspirational :) Looking forward to getting back into it!

  3. OMG OMG OMG I’m so sorry for being late and only just congratulating you now!

    I’ve been away, but HUGE congrats!! WOO HOO! I am so so so happy for you!

    I know how you feel, it was so difficult last year when I applied for Graduate positions ~

    Good luck and all the best!!! xox

    1. This is me being majorly late in replying hehe thanks, dear! It has been such a journey but I’m glad to be on the other side of it :) Catch you soon!

  4. Hey, this is just too awesome. Congrats!!!! Well deserved and I love how you picked yourself up and tried again and look, you get to have a bit of a break before you start which means more eating! LOL

    1. It is so exciting to start this next stage of my life! Can’t wait to be a working girl and eating out in the CBD for lunch :D Cheers, Adrian!

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