Dumpling Love @ Shandong Mama, CBD

Melbourne is definitely spoilt when it comes to dumplings.

Being out of the foodie-loop for a while means that I wasn’t even aware that another dumpling joint had opened up a number of weeks ago until Libby suggested ShanDong Mama as a post-work catch/meet-up spot with Winston and Dave.  Poor Daisy was sick so couldn’t make it but there will be next times I’m sure ;).

After walking in the wrong direction (it happens), I found a guy who I assumed was theragingcook aka Dave.  After confirming his identity (lol), we headed in to peruse the menus as the others were running a bit late.

(I unfortunately forgot my camera at home so these are just for the ol’Samsung Galaxy S2)


No photos of the drinks but you should definitely check out Dave’s 8 Treasure Tea – very pretty but a bit too hot on a warm summer night!

Libby soon arrived and helped out with the orders.  It’s always nice to eat out with fellow foodies coz we’re all on the same wave length about trying a bit of everything :).

None of us had really done our research but we knew dumplings were a must!  It did seem appropriate to have at least one dish of a different variety though.  We decided to try the noodles with shredded port, egg and seasonal vegetables in sesame sauce.


First thoughts were that it looked a bit like the Korean bibimbap.  Presentation?  Probably 7/10.  Flavour? It was a bit bland and tasted a lot better once I added a bit of soya sauce so probably 6/10 (Oh dear, I think I’ve watched too much MKR).

Then it was onto the main event: dumplings, dumplings and more dumplings!  All pan-fried too haha.  I liked how they left them opened at the ends – not something I’ve seen before.

Pork Fried Dumplings (10 pieces, $9.80)

The pork dumplings were definitely the favourite of the night!  Juicy and perfectly balanced flavours, it was the sure winner!

Melbourne Fried Dumplings (10 pieces, $13.80)

The Melbourne dumplings were interesting… a combination of diced seafood (prawn, calamari, mussels, fish) and chicken mince, lemon rind, olive oil, parsley and garlic – it was Mama’s new contemporary recipe inspired by Australian multicultural food scene.  I thought of the lemon rind was very clever and made it something different and quite enjoyable.

Mackerel Fried Dumplings (10 pieces, $13.80)

The Mackerel dumplings were pretty good too but I think I’ll have a better appreciation of them now that I’ve watched this video :).

For a more informative take on Shandong Mama, check out Ms I-Hua’s review and I’m sure Libby, Winston and Dave will be sharing their thoughts at some point too :).

It is a bit hard to find as it isn’t visible from street so just look out for the [200 Bourke St] sign outside the arcade in which it is located!


Shandong Mama

Shop 7, 200 Bourke St

Melbourne VIC 3000 

Shandong Mama on Urbanspoon

Question: Do you like your dumplings fried or boiled?

♥ Ames


11 thoughts on “Dumpling Love @ Shandong Mama, CBD

  1. Fried all the way! Sometimes I find steamed/boiled dumplings to be really soggy. I’ve been wanting to check out the dumplings here, just waiting for the crazy Melbourne weather to cool down before I pop in :)

  2. It was SO lovely to finally meet you, Amy! I’m sure there’ll be many more food blogger meet-ups later down the track – it’s great that most of us work in the city so a post-work meal is usually easy to organise. Haha still laughing at poor Dave’s treasure tea… :/

    1. Ditto, Libby! Sorry for the slow turn-around of replying to the comment, last week was just so hectic at work! Another post-work meal sounds good in the near future! Hope you had fun in GC :)

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