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Anyone still out there??  I just had a look and it has been over a MONTH since I last blogged here!! I think that has been the longest break I’ve taken from blogging without informing the readers about it and for that, I do apologise!  Though, it’s not like the world has stopped turning lol.  People still eat/cook/enjoy good food and do their own merry thing (well, I hope you have been!).  Still, I feel like I need to be accountable to this blogspace for my absence.

In the midst of adjusting to full-time hours and on top of all the weekly commitments I try to juggle, I’ve been frantically trying to meet some other accountability requirements.

The story really goes back a few years.  For my 21st birthday, against all the legal advice I had been given about how much it would cost and how much time it would require to maintain it over the years (what do lawyers know, right?) I decided to launched my own charitable trust – the VHAN Hope and Opportunity Fund (“Fund”).

can you guess what the colour scheme was?? :P

The conception of this Fund lies in the generosity that I received through the funding of my high school education via the Violet Hall Trust. I am forever grateful for the opportunities and experiences I was given as a beneficiary of the Trust and I wanted to be able to do the same for other individuals in the future – in essence, pay it forward (essentially this is a scholarship fund).

yeah we went all out on the cake :P
yeah we went all out on the cake :P

The legal work necessary to establish the Fund was all paid for thanks to the generosity of friends and family like yourselves but throughout the last 3 years, whilst completing my law degree, I had very limited time to do much else for the Fund except keep it afloat i.e. keep Consumer Affairs and the tax office happy by meeting statutory reporting requirements.

We had a silent auction :)
We had a silent auction :)

A requirement (which I’ve had to deal with lately) was to get our books audited; this was frankly quite daunting for me because of the money I envisioned it costing.  But thankfully, we were able to engage the same accounting firm that had handled the financial records of the Violet Hall Trust and because of the prior understanding and working relationship, costs were reserved for the time being.

However, this has given me a wake up call. Now that my uni days are behind me, it’s the season to devote more time and effort to the Fund so that it can begin full operations in the years to come.

So… as some of you would be aware through the other social networks I frequent, I recently turned the ripe old age of TWENTY FOUR and as a result, I have started my 24th Birthyear Campaign! :D  The ultimate goal is to, through various fundraising avenues, raise $10,000 by the time I turn 1/4 of a century ;).

Why $10,000??

In reality this is a long, long, long-term project.  For the Fund to be self-sustaining and perpetual, there will need to be at least $100,000 invested.  $100,000 seems almost unreachable right now so I think smaller targets are the way to go.  The immediate short-term goal is to get enough funds together so that the money can start accruing interest in its bank account. Hence, I present…

Phase 1: Raise $1000.00 for the VHAN Hope & Opportunity Trust Fund

in ONE MONTH from my 24th birthday (13 April)

I’ve been astounded by the generosity of friends and family as I’ve almost reached my target but we are about $150.00 off so… I thought I would open it up to the blog audience and others friends who have made pledges to donate but have yet to do so ^^.

SO, if you would like to lend a little support (every little bit counts!), donations can be made to:

BSB: 063109
Account number: 11042408

  • Please put your first initial and surname, eg “JSmith” in the Description
  • Donations ARE tax-deductible in Australia – yay!
  • If you would like a receipt please e-mail me (

An official website for the Fund is in the works and I plan to get back into blogging ASAP so please also stay tuned for what I hope will be permanent return to the blogging sphere :).

Thanks for all your support thus far!

♥ Ames

P.S. If you are overseas and want to donate, you can do so via this PayPal link (though note there is a transaction fee of 2.4% + $0.30AUD with every transfer, therefore it is strongly suggested that you donate through net-banking where possible or you can find me in person for cash donations ^^).

11 thoughts on “accountability

  1. Happy 24th my friend, it is lovely to see you so involved with an organisation that has given you so much! It is awesome to hear from you as well, it feels like forever, and I can’t wait to hear more :)


    1. Thanks dear CCU! I hope that my story can inspire others to give back in their own circles as well :). It is good to be back, I do miss blogging and have so much to catch up in reading of blogs too! Always love reading your posts (which I get in my inbox) even though I don’t always click through to comment :) Hope yr 12 is going well! Almost half-way through :).

    1. Thanks, Daisy :) So glad that fellow bloggers are so understanding! I do take my *imaginary* hat off to those of you who work full-time and blog so regularly as well – hope I can get there one day :) Yep, 21st was a pretty special celebration – hope can continue raising money for the Fund :)

    1. Thanks Ms I-Hua :) There’s still a long road ahead but I’m glad for whatever support people can lend :)

  2. Hi Ames,

    It’s good to see you back, even after a break! Life can get hectic no? I am glad you are involved in something so worthwhile that gives you so much happiness. Good luck with it :)

    1. Hi Minnie! Thanks for your comment :) So sorry it has taken me SOOOOO long to reply, just been caught up in real life as you know it and raising money for the Fund too ^^’ Hope you are doing well!

  3. Amy! I haven’t been on your blog for quite some time and I feel guilty haha. I’m glad you had a lovely 24th but what really made me smile was the content of this post. It’s great that you’re doing something that will no doubt enrich the lives of others. I would like to help out; I know I will see you next week anyway but is it too late for me to donate?

    1. Hey Libby! Don’t feel guilty because then I’ll feel guilty as I haven’t blogged (despite that promise at the end of this post) or visited other blogs (i.e. YOURS) for way too long >.<

      But thank you for your encouragement and your pledge of support! I'm actually about to launch the next phase of my fundraising campaign so if you want to donate to that or even participate (more info to come hehe) that would be amazing!! Thanks again and looking forward to seeing you soon ^^

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