new project

Hey blog-o-sphere!  It has been a while hasn’t it?? Despite my best of intentions and my promise at the end of the last blog post, I just couldn’t get up the motivation to blog, even though there is potentially lots to write about!

However, instead of spending half this blog post apologising for my absence, I’d like to introduce you to a new project that I’m working on called the “Three 4 Three”  Challenge!


And instead of going into what “Three 4 Three” is, I’d encourage you to click-through to the Facebook event and the website.  Hope that you can join in the fun and fundraising or support the dream! :D

Now that I do have the challenge all up and going, hopefully it means more time to blog over in this space.  I’d often come here to blog but then feel that perhaps I probably should be working on the project rather than blogging here… but no promises! We’ll see how things pan out :).  Hope those in Melbourne and other states (except WA!) have a great long weekend ;).

I’m so looking forward to a sleep in and some cooking/baking/reading/relaxing!

♥ Ames

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