Hi all! It has been a while hasn’t it? I had left my blog for so long that when I tried to log in, there were issues with one of the plug-ins that completely drove me up the wall!  Thanks for shedding some light Libby after my cry for help on Facebook haha. Anyway, I’m sure whatever readership I have left has had enough of my apologies and excuses so I’ll just skip all that and instead give you an update of where things are since I last blogged here…


Well, you know what? This challenge kinda-maybe-really bombed. And you know what else? I’m actually ok with that – which is a sign of maturity or something so I am told haha. The reality was that it was (and still is) a great idea/concept but with lack of adequate preparation and organisation, the execution was flawed and was it’s ultimate downfall.

However, not all is lost. I’m chalking it up as a great learning experience.  It did spur myself and colleagues of mine to start digging into books we said we would read one day but never got around to reading. There were some really generous people who donated to the cause and also a number of people who have offered their services and manpower to revamp this concept for round 2 in the future.

And though their wasn’t as much financially put towards the vision of VHAN Hope and Opportunity Fund, many allies were gained through the Three-4-Three Challenge and I was very thankful for ongoing support from people who heard about the Fund 3 yrs ago to those who have just been on the “cheer team” recently. Thanks to those who have encouraged me or given me suggestions on how to improve in the future. I think for the next month or so, I’ll be embarking on a private project to fundraise for the Fund but no doubt I’ll let you know when there are opportunities in the future to get involved :).

Blog Diversification

In the time I’ve been away from this blog, I’ve been journalling a lot more. There has been a bit of soul-searching and some thoughts spent on whether I still wanted to continue to be a “blogger”.

The facts remain that I love writing for leisure, I love writing about the things that interest me and I have a lot more interests than just food, which has been the primary focus of this blog as of late. I did not set out to be a food blogger but things just started to drift in that direction. I think I also read an article once that said that the most successful blogs are ones that are focused on a particular topic so I started to immerse myself in the food blogging community which I must say is really supportive and all-embracing in Melbourne.

Get to the point, Ames.

Anyhow, long-story-short, as much as I have loved blogging exclusively about food, I would like to “diversify” this blog space and write about other topics that interest me i.e. anti-human trafficking efforts, social justice, lessons in leadership, music, the journey of faith etc.

Why not just start another blog then, Ames?

Haha well, I’ve started many blogs in my time and I would rather not have to switch between blogs based on the topic I feel like writing about at any particular given point in time. I understand that this may be detrimental to blog stats and blog audience and yada-yada, but I think I’ve got to be true to myself and not restrict blog content based on expectations of others.

So I guess at the end of this rambling post what I want to say is a big THANK YOU to members of the food blogging community for embracing this newbie so openly and giving me a chance to get to know you both via blogwaves and in person. I’m not saying I’m hanging up my food blogger hat just yet, but I understand if you might not stick around as the blog content broadens so I just want to show my appreciation for being supportive over the last year and a bit as I have bumbled my way through restaurant reviews and recipes!  Keep being enthusiastic and sharing the love for food :)

As for the rest who will be sticking around, be prepared for things to get a bit haphazard. Will be experimenting a bit of different styles of writing, length of posts and who knows what else! Again can’t make promises about how often I will post but this is something I do want to get back into :).

Will be fun no doubt.

♥ Ames

5 thoughts on “Diversification

  1. It is so lovely to hear from you again my friend!
    I think if you want to write for leisure, you should have the freedom to shape this blog into whatever you wish to :D
    And I am so glad your fundraising project went well and that you intend to pursue it further, that is fantastic :)


    1. Oh wow, you are really one of the best bloggers I know when it comes to reaching out and connecting :) Thanks for the encouragement, CCU! Hope yr 12 is going well, almost at the finish line!

    1. Oh I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one :P It’s tough coz I have all these ideas in my head but don’t always make enough time to expand them to make them worthy of a blog post :-S even since this post I haven’t followed up with anything yet lol

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