much to do about nothing

As much as I love to be productive and make the most of the
weekends, sometimes all you need is a selah
[pause/break] type afternoon.  One where you just rest the body, rest the mind, rest the spirit. That’s what I had this afternoon and boy, I needed it. It has been busy, busy, busy.  

And perhaps it has been self-imposed – which has meant that sometimes, I just need to self-impose some time to chill.  To just break away from the constant doing and just do nothing.  Learning to just leave some things for tomorrow has been a tough lesson to learn. And learning to just do things you love as well sans the guilt for all the things you are leaving for tomorrow is another lesson I’m still learning. Anyhow, though there are a few more ‘serious’ topics I’ve been meaning to write about, those can be left for ‘tomorrow’.

Tonight, I wanted to share a cafe I found by accident on another
day where my body decided enough was enough and it was time to
declare a R&R day… BUT, technology fails me at the moment. All the photos taken at this quaint cafe were captured on my old phone, the cable of which I have left at work. Hmm. Perhaps this will have to be left to tomorrow too haha.

This has been a pointless post from an Ames who needs to go and do

♥ Ames

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