Healthy Start – Granola Mix

More than 6 months ago, I bought Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals Cookbook and despite the fact that the meals should only take 15 minutes to prepare, they are Jamie Oliver (JO) minutes and at the moment, Amy minutes = 10 x JO minutes or there abouts haha.

Anyhow, enter annual leave and it doesn’t matter how long a task takes so I thought I’d give his homemade granola a go after falling in love with the granola at Henry and the Fox (go try it – divine!).

Granola mix

photo 2-2
(adapted from Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals – wanted to link it rather than type out the recipe but couldn’t find the same one that I used so here it is below)


  • 100 g each of: Brazil nuts, shelled walnuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds.
  • 500g porridge oats
  • 40g desiccated coconut
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 75 g cranberries (JO used sour cherries; I couldn’t find sour cherries)
  • 225g dried apricots (JO used 250g; I only had 225g!)


  1. Bash up nuts and seeds in a pestle and mortar (or if you have a food processor, blast it in that – much quicker too!)
  2. Mix in oats, coconut and cinnamon.
  3. Spread the mix over a couple of large roasting trays and toast in a preheated oven at 180 Celsius degrees until nicely golden, stirring regularly.
  4. Mix in chopped cherries and apricots – serve with milk or yoghurt.
photo 1-2
Just after a good toast in the oven…
photo 3-2
Mix in the dried fruit and we’re done!

Suggestions from Emma: Add some maple syrup over the nuts and seeds mix before you toast it to get a different texture and taste. I gave this a go and though it did taste delicious, it took away from the healthy factor for me hehe.

A great start to the morning routine and easy as to put together!

Makes about 3 x 1 Litre jars worth so should last for a while too :).



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