new apps in the new year

One thing I’ve loved about switching back to the iPhone has been the plethora of apps :).

The ones I’ve used the most in the last few months have got to be:

  • Instagram (Free) – I think I’m addicted.
  • Whatsapp (Free) – Great way to communicate with interstate/international friends.
  • PicFrame ($0.99) – best 99 cents spent.
  • VSCOCam (Free) – this was one of the first ones I downloaded after switching back; finally understand what #vscocam was!
  • Landcam ($0.99) – love the fonts you can add to your photos!
  • iBooks (Free) – DOWNLOADED. TOO. MANY. BOOKS.

I came across a few other good ones just in the last few days:

Pocketbook (Free):


I want to get better at tracking my spending in 2014 so that I can work out how to save for those big ticket items in the future. So after having a quick flick through the money managing apps out there, I found this Pocketbook really user-friendly, especially with the secure syncing of bank accounts to help monitor transactions etc.

ScannerPro (Free):


Found this one thanks to Peter and though I haven’t used it often yet, I can see it becoming handy when there’s no scanner around and you have to get something sent to someone asap.

1 Second Everyday ($0.99):


This one I found via one of my favourite blogger’s Weekend Reading posts and it’s for those of us who love storing up moments for a good trip down memory lane.  The concept is easy – record a one second memory for each day and then you can stitch it together to form a short video of your year :).

Question: What are your favourite apps and why?


Comments are like waking up to sunshine... positively lovely :). You know what to do!

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