two big life events

Opps, so much for blogging regularly haha.

I only ever seem to find time to blog when there is a public holiday or I’m on an extended break… not good.

After having a quick skim through Fat Mum Slim’s blog post on blogging I recall the simple truth that if you want to do anything, you’ve got to schedule it in.  And not get distracted by shiny things (that’s my own observation – there are too many good blogs/resources out there).

Hoping to get back into a blogging rhythm in the next week or so but in the meantime, here are the two big life events that have happened since I’ve last blogged here:

1. Law Admission Ceremony


This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to many who follow me via other social media mediums and I’m kinda rehash what I’ve told a few people already but I can’t help it – the admission ceremony day was super blessed!  We got cheap parking easily, the sun was out even though it was forecasted to rain (it did rain after the ceremony), it wasn’t too hot and cold, I got extra tickets for my special guests and everything just transitioned smoothly into the next activity.  Surely the goodness and mercy of my Heavenly Father was chasing me down! :)

From the spark of interest that began from a school excursion to the courts, the admission ceremony also marked the end of a near 11-year journey.  It was definitely not an easy road to take and at times I wondered if I was cut out for it, but throughout it all, I’m so thankful for the support and encouragement of friends and family, big or small, that has brought me thus far.  In the last 11 years, I’ve definitely learnt to trust God with my future and trust that even if things get chaotic, He is always for me and causes all things to work together for my good.

2. ‘Open the Floodgates’ Launch


One of the songs I wrote has been recorded and was officially released a few weeks ago! To find out the background to how this song came to begin, you can click over to the bonus content blog but if you want to have a listen to it and show your support, the song, “Open the Floodgates” on the album of the same title by my friend, Dale Hembrow, can be purchased on iTunes, here:

OR you can watch the music video here that was approved and released last week (!):

Happy Labour Day, Melburnians!

Love, Ames

4 thoughts on “two big life events

    1. Haha thanks CCU :) it has been a big year already :D always a pleasure to have you comment here and I can see you’ve been quite busy too !

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